Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today we celebrated the boys' second birthday with a party at Smith Memorial Playground in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.  There was so much to do and so much fun to be had.  

Here is Benjamin, modeling the lion t-shirt Meema made him:

Asher modeling the bear t-shirt that Meema made him:

Curly blond-hair Bear with the cutest little nose:

There was a beautiful park outside the house, but Benjamin only wanted to play with trains inside:

Asher stealing Mommy's water:

Asher and Daddy having hugs:

The boys got birthday crowns to wear.  Here they are, waiting for their cupcakes:

Our family picture for the year:

The party scene:

Mommy feeding Benjamin some fruit:

The leftovers- the balloons were supposed to be favors but were all tangled, so we just brought them home again.
As usual, I made way too much food.  Here is what I learned:
-Don't make 60 cupcakes and frost them yourself.  They were very delicious, but way more work than if I had just made two cakes and frosted them.
-People like fruit.
-I made lots of little sandwiches, and they weren't nearly as popular as the tomato pie friends of ours brought from a local Italian market.  Next time I will just get tomato pie!
-Don't make cake pops. Bakerella makes them look good and easy, but I'm not her.

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  1. You made great choices with the food! Nate has never sat down and eaten a meal at a party but the cheese sticks, PB & J and fruit were right up his alley!