Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 and a quarter

Sunday's late nap
The boys are 2 and a quarter years old today!  At this point, I have pretty much forgotten to count the months, and they are just flying by.

We leave this weekend for our annual summer trip to Maine, and are getting excited to see family, and for all the ice cream we plan to eat!

Both boys are finally starting to talk more- not nearly as much as many of their friends, but imitating our words and making connections that they haven't before.  It is reassuring.

We've had a little bit of a hunger strike recently, but I think they're starting to warm up to eating more.  Asher will almost always eat cheese, crackers, and ask for cookies and juice.  He has a Landes sweet tooth, I guess!  Benjamin is a more consistent eater, but he is super skinny.  Of course, being a Jewish mom, I am worried about him being too thin, but everyone else says he looks fine.  He does look healthy, but definitely thin.

For the most part, the boys are sleeping later in the morning- til about 6:30 or so.  Eric and I definitely appreciate this.  We think that hanging dark curtains in the room made a difference, but why it wouldn't have mattered for the past 2 years, but started mattering now, who knows.

We are lucky to have healthy, good-natured children.  I marvel at how beautiful and perfect they are, and I hope that I never lose my sense of awe when I look at them.

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