Monday, June 25, 2012

a weekend away

The Chesapeake Bay
We didn't really go away for a full weekend, more like 27 hours.  Eric and I went with friends to St. Michael's, Maryland to enjoy a little bit of quiet and company before our friends welcome their first baby later this summer.  

Saturday was a little hot, but we cooled off with ice cream and iced tea.  My friend Alissa and I walked around town and browsed in the shops while our husbands watched the soccer game and drank beer.  Then we went back to Alissa's house and the girls sat around while the guys rowed a kayak 10 feet away from the dock and then sat and drank beer.  Then we had dinner at the house: half a bushel of crabs, corn on the cob, salad, and for the guys- beer.
Eric Crabby-Hands
Is it a picture of me? Or the sunset?
Oh, yeah- there was wine, too.
If you look closely, you can see 2 little heads on the dock- Alissa's mom and her boyfriend
I had big plans to get a lot of rest without any children to disrupt my sleep, but it turns out I can manage insomnia and sleep disruption all on my own.  It took me forever to fall asleep, and then I was up early, too.  I was exhausted!

Sunday morning we made blueberry waffles for breakfast.  Alissa's mom took a picture of our tummies together:
Alissa at 34 weeks and me at 14 weeks
So there is my belly shot for the week!  After breakfast, Alissa's mom and her boyfriend rushed off for a full day of exercise- kayaking and a bike ride- and the rest of us got ready to head home again.

On the way home, my mom (my parents graciously babysat for the weekend and had the boys enjoying one fun activity after another) texted to let me know that no one was napping, and she was tired.  Good thing we were already coming home!

The boys continued to not-nap after we got home.  After a while, Eric and I gave up and took them to the pool at my aunt and uncle's.  They are getting more accustomed to the pool and like the hot tub, which we call the baby pool.  My uncle has been heating it a little, so it is comfortable for them to play in for a long period of time.  Our cousins from Massachusetts (at whose house we spent Passover) are visiting for a couple of weeks, and I think the boys liked seeing their cousins play in the pool.  Benjamin put on his swim vest, which is like his big cousin Lilah's, and got in the big pool with Eric.  Both boys are practicing blowing bubbles and dipping their faces in.  

After the pool, the boys were exhausted and fell asleep in the car.  Eric and I decided to let them sleep a little before dinner, and that was a big mistake!  When we woke them up, they were complete wrecks.  Benjamin just rolled on the floor screaming, "NA-NIGHT!  NA-NIGHT!"  They didn't eat any dinner at all, and we ended up giving them a bath, with both boys hysterical, and trying to get them into bed.  At one point, both boys were rolling on their bedroom floor, naked and crying, not letting us get their diapers or pajamas on, and I turned to Eric and said, "which circle of hell is this?"  Definitely a moment where, if I were not already pregnant, I would seriously consider not having a third!

Today has been much better, fortunately, except that Benjamin is boycotting his nap again.  If anyone has any nap advice on this, please pass it on!  I don't think he is ready to give up the nap altogether, since he seems miserable and exhausted without it, but when he decides not to nap, there is no persuading him otherwise.

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