Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We had a nice, fairly uneventful day.  Daddy Eric went golfing from 10:30 to about 5 pm, so the boys and I didn't do anything special during those hours to celebrate him, and by the time he got home, Mommy Becca handed off responsibility for child care.

We did make a big breakfast with waffles and bacon, and ate with Grandpa Nick, Meema Alison, and Aunt Elana.  Then Grandpa Nick and I took the boys to the park:
Grandpa and his grandsons
Our friends were there with a bike and bike trailer, and offered to take the boys for a ride.  Benjamin seemed interested, but then backed out of the trailer and decided he wanted to ride the bike himself.
Taking after daddy
I gave the boys lunch, and they took turns wearing tiger ears and being ferocious:
What a scary tiger!
Did you know tigers like applesauce?
We ended the day with dinner at Aunt Jane and Uncle Ed's.  Great-Grandma Sonia, Great-Grandpa David, Aunt Pierrette, Uncle Richard, and Aunt Esther were all there to help Sonia, David, and Pierrette find a new home at one of the retirement homes near here.  There was lots of food, and Asher ate a lot of turkey, which he then threw up on the table (he choked on some cake).  Aunt Elana was saying she's definitely not ready for kids.

And here is a cute picture from tonight, after dinner at our friends' house:
Asher loves kitties
Oh, and does it look like Asher is wearing his fleece bear pajamas?  That is because he kind of is.  Our outfit compromise for the day was that he wore his sweat pants and t-shirt, but got to wear the bear-jamas as a cape.  He wore them all day long.  We took them off for bath time, and when it was time for pajamas, he tried refusing a clean pair and asked for "bear."  I told him, no, too dirty.  Fortunately he didn't fight me on it.  Those poor pajamas! They have holes worn in the feet from overuse.  Fortunately, I bought a pair in 3T for $3 on clearance for this next fall and winter, so he can wear his favorite pajamas for another year.

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