Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surprise! We'll soon be FIVE!

Baby #3
It is true- we are surprisingly and miraculously expecting our third child.  I'm 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant, with a due date of December 22nd.  This pregnancy was entirely unplanned, and initially a huge shock, but we are now excited!

We just had the first part of our sequential screening today, with our ultrasound.  I have to wait a few days or a week to hear any results from my bloodwork, but the ultrasound was "textbook normal" according to the tech, and he said it looks like a perfect pregnancy.  Normal? Me?  That's a strange feeling.

I will write more about how we found out and how we handled the news soon, but now it is my bedtime!

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  1. Oh wow!!! Congratulations, I can't imagine how excited you guys are. :)

    I am a follower & fellow MoM of twin boys that will turn 2 next month. I love reading your updates & love seeing life in another family with twin boys. I'm so excited for you guys.