Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hanukkah 2013

It's not over yet- and I still have 2 big gifts to give the boys (and almost nothing for Charlotte!), but here are some photos of our holiday so far:
First night, with Meema
The second night of Hanukkah was also Thanksgiving.  Eric had the camera, but good pictures were hard to come by.
Second night, at Meema's
The third night was also Friday night.  We had Aunt Elana and her boyfriend Chris here, and Meema and Papa Nick.  It was our first big meal back in our house, and it really felt like home.
Aunt Elana with the candles and Meema with my pumpkin
Asher and Aunt Elana lighting candles
It was Chris's first Hanukkah- he seemed to enjoy the latkes and hopefully also our company. We liked having him here, and I hope it is his first Hanukkah of many.

Saturday night we were home, and it was just us.  Eric and I had a date night after the boys were in bed.

Tonight we went to a friend's house for a Hanukkah party.  Or friend and neighbor, Hila, made latkes and they were delicious!  I am not sure how many Eric ate, but I definitely saw him eat at least 4.  Hila paid me a huge compliment and told me that I am her only American friend who knows how to cook a good meal.  I am so flattered!
all our menorahs
We're having a little bit of trouble with gratitude this year.  Asher seems to think he is entitled to presents each night, despite my having told him that he's not, and then is not grateful for the things he does get.  My sister gave him a cowboy hat from Texas, which he rejected because it wasn't wrapped, so I took it away from him.  He later asked for it, said he liked it, and thanked her for it, but I wasn't pleased.

Tonight, after the Hanukkah party, I told the boys I had a present for them, but it wasn't wrapped (I had some books I had chosen for "book night.").  I went upstairs to get them, and came down with them hidden behind my back.  What looks of excitement and expectation!  Then I handed them over, and their faces fell.  Both boys told me that a present is TOYS and not books.

Where does this come from?  Neither Eric nor I are entitled in this way.  We always express gratitude for things, and I often comment on things that are nice and not a "right"- someone giving us a sample at Costco, holding the door open, saying hello.  I have always had an appreciation for all these small things.

I'm also not sure how to change this.  I have always hoped to lead by example, but that doesn't seem to be working.  I have corrected both boys every time they demand a gift or don't say thank you for something they have been given.  Is this just their age?  It just makes me unhappy, when I know how carefully others have chosen gifts for them.

He is also obsessed with Christmas, much to my embarrassment.  Apparently at school last week, our friend was in their class talking to the kids about her job, and she had the kids talking about their feelings.  Asher said he felt happy when he sees Santa Claus!  I am mortified- it is a Jewish pre-school and the teachers know we are raising the kids Jewish.  On top of that- what? Asher hasn't seen "Santa" since 2011, and he wouldn't even sit on his lap.  I hope that this is a passing phase, perhaps related to the holiday season.  Otherwise... oy.

And I'll end with this beautiful girl:

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  1. Why would you be "embarassed" that he is obsessed with Christmas? Your husband isn't Jewish, an entire side of your family isn't Jewish... and plus you can;t walk into a store or turn on the TV or radio without hearing about it so it is kind of hard to avoid. Keep doing what you are doing it will be fine in the, who care what other people think!