Friday, December 13, 2013

snow day (belated)

We have had some snow.  It snowed Sunday, but by the time naps were over, it was dark.  Then it snowed Tuesday- school was canceled, I canceled all my clients, and we had our first snow day!

We played with our neighbors Paden and Luca.  First we played at Paden's house, and then had lunch.
lunch with friends
After lunch, we all got in our snow clothes- or as close as we could get, considering that I played the odds this year and didn't buy any snow pants or boots for the boys.  Charlotte took a nap, and I took all 4 of the 3 year-old boys out to play.  We had a mini snowball fight, and then picked up sleds and went sledding.  I was a little afraid of giving someone else's kid a concussion or broken arm from going downhill, but the path was so worn that we didn't get much speed.
fun in the snow

Then we split up, and I took my boys home, and Paden's mom came and took home Paden and Luca. We rushed in the house, took off all of our wet clothes, and then I made hot chocolate for my guys.
Mr. Sweet Tooth
Asher and Charlotte napped, and I ran errands- if you can believe that after all the snow, by 2:30 it was clear and sunny and the roads were completely snow-free.  I probably should have gone to work... but instead I had a special day with my boys.

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