Sunday, December 15, 2013

time as a single mommy

Hurray! We are halfway through our time without Eric.  In some ways it's gotten easier, but the boys tell me everyday that they miss daddy.  Asher wants to make sure that even if daddy is gone, they're still buddies, and both boys want to be sure daddy is coming home again.  We count the days.
my adorable snack stealer

This has shown me that all single mommies are to be admired.  I know we are beyond blessed to have three healthy children and a beautiful home, but if you will allow me, I will now complain for a little. Here are some of the highlights of the difficulties:

On Thursday I had to get all 3 kids to school by 9, drive to New Jersey to work, then I worked for 8 hours and saw 9 clients in that time, drove home, and walked in as my parents were walking out (lucky for me, my mom picked the kids up from school and fed them dinner).  I had all 3 kids to bathe and get in bed, dishes to do, laundry to do... I sat down with some dinner at 8:30, just in time to go back to bed.

On Friday morning, before 8:30 am, I had a major poop blowout from Charlotte (she had pooped up to her neck!  Fortunately my dad was in the shower and I handed her in for a clean-up); Benjamin went to pee in the potty and missed, peeing all over his leg, pajamas, and sock; and Asher pooped in his diaper but I didn't know it and pulled his diaper off, dropping a turd on to Benjamin's backpack.  Asher then yelled, "Mommy! There's poop on Benjamin's backpack!" and Benjamin, who was in the next room started yelling, "There's poop on my backpack!?!?"  Oy.

In the midst of this, I have cooked pancakes twice and two good dinners.  Tonight was a little rough- Benjamin got a fever of 102, and Charlotte was irritable (please don't let her get sick, too!).  I ended up cooking dinner like this:
with Charlotte in the Ergo.  I was overwhelmed by their unhappiness and the fact that I felt helpless in helping them, and Asher walked into the kitchen and started pulling out plates and silverware.

He counted out dishes for himself and siblings and loaded them up in the toy shopping cart.  He wheeled the cart into the dining room and set the table.  It made my night- I felt my heart bursting with pride.  I might be overwhelmed at the moment, but I must be doing something right.

I made a great dinner, with creamed spinach, sweet potato fries, and homemade chicken nuggets.  The kids all devoured the spinach and I had to beg them to eat just a little chicken.

I also made 2 batches of brownies for the cookie exchange I went to this afternoon while all 3 kids napped and my mom babysat.
So we've had our moments- a lunch at Ikea where everyone was wonderful and the people around us complimented the boys on their behavior; a walk in the ice this morning;
and more special moments at breakfast time with Papa Nick.
2 1/2 days until Eric comes home.  It can't come fast enough!

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