Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

I better hurry up and write about Christmas before it's the new year!

We had a lovely Christmas up in Maine.  The boys were incredibly excited to see their grandparents, see Santa Claus, and open presents.

Christmas Eve, we went to Eric's grandparents' house.  Santa usually makes an appearance there, and Asher kept running from the front door to the back door to the window to see if he was there yet.
Pepere and Asher
Memere and Benjamin
Charlotte by the tree. She was posing and looking adorable.
I was pretty sure that when Santa arrived, Asher would be frightened, panic, and refuse to talk to him.  Instead, he ran up and gave him a hug and was happy to sit on his lap.
Benjamin and Charlotte weren't as comfortable with Santa.  After Santa left, Asher tried to look out the window to see the reindeer.  I think all the adults loved watching him be so fascinated and excited about Santa.

The adults had a Yankee Swap, and Asher selected everyone's gift for them, carried gifts over, and exchanged gifts for everyone.  He also picked up all the wrapping paper.  It was adorable and helpful!

At home, we put on our Christmas pajamas, and I had to convince Asher to go to sleep.  He wanted to wait up all night to see Santa again!  Instead we left Santa a glass of milk and a brownie.
Christmas morning, we opened our stockings and ate a big breakfast.  Then it was 10 o'clock.  The boys started crying that they wanted to "go somewhere" and "what we gonna DO today?"  I told them there was nowhere to go and nothing to do, and that we were staying in all day.  This didn't go over well.  I dealt with it by taking out my library book and reading it, because I was going to relax, dammit!
Opening stockings

Our family. No cooperation from our children.

That night, their cousins came over for a big Christmas dinner and opening the rest of their presents.
the boys' big gift- a bounce house for our house!

Memere, Charlotte, and Benjamin

all the cousins
The boys loved seeing their cousins, and had a great time playing together.  They were sad to go, but also happy to get home again.  

Since Christmas, Charlotte got sick, Memere got bronchitis, and Eric's brother and our sister-in-law had their baby- a boy named Chandler, born on December 27.  Now Eric's parents have 8 grandchildren!  Unbelievable.  

I told the boys we're in detox now that we're home.  They asked what detox meant. I told them- only 1 dessert a day.  But they seem to be adjusting well, and their appetites (for non-dessert items) have returned.  They're sleeping well with less excitement in their lives!  

Christmas is fun- but exhausting.  Good thing I have a whole year to recuperate!

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