Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Asher the beast!

My goodness, we are in trouble!  In the mornings, we have been parking our boys in their toys, usually Benjamin in the jumperoo and Asher in the exersaucer.  It has gotten less effective over time, because Asher hates to be stuck in one place.  So this morning while I was emptying the dishwasher and getting myself some coffee, I heard him fussing and figured that I would just pull him out as soon as I finished with the dishwasher (Asher has had some trouble with the open dishwasher, pulling out forks and knives and once shutting his hand in the door...).

Instead I heard the pitter patter of Asher crawling, and he charged into the kitchen and headed straight for the basement stairs, since there was no gate up!

I thought, "Eric must have gotten him out."  But there was no Eric.  A few minutes later, Eric came down the stairs.  I asked, "Did you get Asher out of the exersaucer?"  Of course not!  So, somehow, Asher managed to pull himself out!  Without any serious harm, thank goodness.  There goes that way of getting a moment to myself...  I am running out of options, which is tough when I need to go to the bathroom or do something like unload/load the dishwasher.

If this is how he is at 9 months, what are we in for?  I think I am going to have to put him in some kind of gymnastics/athletics as soon as he can walk!


  1. Dear Becca, I am following your blog with so much interest and sympathy! I remember feeling the same way, that I could not leave Alexandra and go back to work. In a way, I was lucky, because I did not have to make that decision; I was laid off during my maternity leave, after Alexandra was born. I did go back briefly to earn my severance pay. But I decided that it was not worth it to me to seek another job, especially since the nanny's pay would probably equal my take home pay, after taxes. (Twenty years ago, nannies got about $350 plus a week; I just heard on NPR that it is now around $750 per week!) Later, I started my own business renovating my apartments when Alexandra was three; fortunately, no one could tell me not to bring her to work!

    I am so proud of you that you are still breast feeding both of the boys! It is the best thing; I did it for years, actually, facing some opposition from parents and others, but will never regret the delicious close feeling of holding them and nursing Alexandra and, later, Chloe, until they would fall asleep.

    You are now hitting the Mobile Years, and it will be a real challenge with two!! Perhaps you could try putting them in a playpen, although perhaps they can somehow climb out of that too?? I totally sympathize with your quandry and am so impressed with how well you have handled twins! Just one child at this age is a challenge...

    It is wonderful how you cherish the time with Asher and Benjamin. Keep enjoying, and keep your sense of humor! And it is wonderful how Eric and your parents and in-laws have sustained you in this herculean effort, which is parenthood!
    Much Love,

    Lisa Fiekowsky Silversmith

  2. Ha! I can totally see Lucas doing this soon. He is starting to get really mobile and we're having trouble staying a step ahead of him. He keeps trying to crawl into Zoey's crib!

    Let me know if you figure out any good strategies. We have a superyard play gate and gates to block off the kitchen...