Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some pictures...

My mom's friend Lynne came over last week and took a ton of pictures of the boys, and a few of us as a family.  One thing we learned-- if you want a good family shot, do it before the individual shots!  Our guys were exhausted!  Still, we liked the picture I posted above enough to use in our holiday cards this year-- for the first time ever we're doing photo cards.  We never did birth announcements for the boys, so I wanted a photo card to send to friends and family, and to the various doctors and specialists who helped us have this beautiful family.

I just love Benjamin's perfect face in that picture.  He could not possibly be any cuter!
Here's Asher on the move!
Asher sucking his thumb in my lap.  He has been doing this more often lately, and I really enjoy the quiet moments of cuddling, since he is usually such an active and busy little boy.
This picture cracks me up!  Both Benjamin and Eric are making the same crooked smile with one eye squinty.  In looking at the photos Lynne took, it is really obvious how much Benjamin looks like his daddy!

We had a wonderful moment today while video chatting with Eric's parents.  Eric was hiding behind the couch to play peek-a-boo, and the boys were standing with their hands on the cushion with Eric's laptop in front of them.  They were both laughing, and Asher was so excited, between Eric playing peek-a-boo and seeing his face on the laptop screen, that he kept picking his hands up to wave them around and would fall over!  Every time he stood he bounced on his little legs in excitement.  It was hysterical to watch, and I was struck by how lucky I am.  I laughed until there were tears coming out of my eyes.  As we come up on the one year anniversary of my being placed on bed rest, I am thankful all the time for how our lives turned out.

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  1. Adorable pictures! Great to see you yesterday and the boys are beyond cute! A very happy holiday season to you and your family!