Monday, January 31, 2011

Enough, already!

The boys checking out our surprise one foot of snow
Ok, I love the snow.  I love watching it fall, I love seeing it on the trees, and I love sledding.  But I think I am done with winter.  In this month alone, Asher has had pink eye, I have had strep, and now Asher has diarrhea and I have a cold.  The only positive in our current situation is that my nose is so stuffed up that I can't smell Asher's stinky diapers!

We have been making play dates with our neighborhood friends when the weather is bad so that I get some adult company.  But I have had to cancel clients at work a couple of times because of the weather, and I feel like a flake when I do it.  It is hard to get really engaged with my work when the days I'm there are so sporadic.

The weekend was not so wonderful.  We had a birthday party to attend on Saturday, and I had written on my calendar: "Nate's b-day party: 12-2."  Apparently, I am a fiction writer.  The party was from 10-12, so when we arrived to the party location shortly after noon, the party was over!  We missed the WHOLE thing.  I can't tell you how upset I was.  I was upset because it was Nate's 3rd birthday, and we had missed his first birthday when he was sick, his second when I was on bed rest, and now his 3rd because I am a pea-brained dope.  Fortunately, Nate's mom (and my friend), Molly, invited us over to their house to hang out, so we had lunch there and saw the birthday boy (who was too busy playing with friends to notice us!).  It was nice to see everyone, but I felt so awful for missing the whole party.
Benjamin "Could He Possibly Be Any Cuter?!?" Bunny

Saturday night I began to feel like I was getting a cold.  That is the worst feeling, knowing you are getting sick and there's nothing you can do about it.  We went out for Vietnamese food with my parents after the boys went to bed; we had our neighbor's son come to babysit and he seemed to handle the babies well.  It was a fairly short evening out, since we left at 7 and had to be home at 9:30.

On Sunday, Eric wanted to go to Ikea, and I told him we should take the boys since we had a good time there the last time we went.  Ikea was fine, but we went in separate cars so Eric could run errands afterward, and I could take the boys home for naptime.  I left Ikea much later than their naptime, figuring they would sleep in the car, and I would just get them in their cribs once we got home.
Asher tried to get his own puffs... as a reward Daddy fed him on the floor!

Unfortunately, that is not how it worked.  They did fall fast asleep in the car, but when I got home, there were no parking spots in front of our house, so I went to park around the corner... and got stuck in a snow bank!  Eric was not around, our neighbor Tom wasn't answering his phone... I stopped some poor stranger in the street and he was nice enough to help dig me out, which took forever.  The boys slept through the whole thing!  Since I couldn't park at our house, I drove to my parents', hoping the boys would sleep there, but they apparently didn't get the memo, because Benjamin woke as I carried him in the door, and his cries woke Asher.  So there I was, in my parents' non-baby-proofed house, chasing two babies around the whole downstairs.  They ate sea shells, poured water from the cats' dish on to themselves, and tried to eat kitty kibble.  Eric drove home, and then dug out a parking spot for me, so after about an hour at my parents' house, I packed the boys up and went home.  Eric and I tried to get them down for Naps, Round 2, but it was a no-go.  I could not WAIT for bed time!

The weekend was far more tiring than I would have hoped.  This coming weekend we have plans to go to our neighbors' house on the Jersey shore, and that should be a nice, quiet, and relaxing weekend.  We will hang out, cook and eat, and take care of our babies.  I am excited to have Eric around, not working, not running errands.

But, I'm done.  I'm done being sick, I am done trying to navigate the snow and lousy weather with my two little boys, and I'm tired of being tired.  I know winter can't go on forever... but I sure could use a vacation!


  1. Alright...I'm sorry to laugh..but this sentence cracked me up!! "They ate sea shells, poured water from the cats' dish on to themselves, and tried to eat kitty kibble. " LOL!! I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Nate did notice you because after you left he looked around and said, "mommy, where are the babies?"