Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 10 months to my boys!

"Playing" with toys
I can't believe my guys are 10 months old already!  I am starting to think about their 1st birthday party, which is crazy.  I can't believe how quickly these past 10 months have gone by, and every time I look at my big boys, I can't imagine that they were ever those itty bitty babies I gave birth to.

Lately they have been sleeping really well, at a minimum they go 10 hours (7 pm - 5 am), but they often go 11-12 hours, which is very restful for their parents!  They are getting 3 meals a day, and seem to enjoy solids and table foods.  They are still nursing frequently, but not for as long.  I am dreading the end of breastfeeding, I really love that time I have with them.

They are working on standing independently, and have each done it for a few seconds at a time, but not with regularity.  Benjamin started trying it in the bathtub, which makes me really nervous!

Asher has 6 teeth, and Benjamin is getting his top 2 teeth in, for a total of 4.  We don't have a scale, so I am not sure what they weigh, but I do think they are growing, as there are clothes that no longer fit them.    In general, they are easy-going, playful, and cheerful boys, and I feel lucky to have gotten two babies with such good temperaments.

The other day, we had our first, "Gee, it sounds awfully quiet..." moment.  Asher had gotten ahold of the box of tissues, pulled them all out of the box, and eaten some of them!  Here he is, trying to run from the scene of the crime:
And Benjamin going to inspect the damage:
It could have been a lot worse!  But really, nothing is safe.  One day I came into the room, they had grabbed the phone and I heard someone saying, "Hello? Hello?"  I have NO idea who they called, but I hung up quickly.  I am dreading their first 911 call.

Everyday here is an adventure, a vast difference from one year ago, when I was on strict bed rest, in bed all day.  At times I miss the quiet, the time to watch my crappy TV shows or catch up on email... but I am only too happy to spend time with my perfect boys.  I could never have imagined what this life would be like, but we are having so much fun.

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