Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Big Saturday Night

Tonight Eric and I took the boys out to dinner.  We have taken them out to dinner once before, with my parents.  Tonight it was just the four of us.  In a way, it is silly that we haven't done this before.  I think a big part of why we haven't is because we don't eat dinner out much in the first place, unless it is for a special occasion.  And special occasion restaurants are no place for babies, so we have been out without them a few times.  Eric and I both love to cook, so we eat at home (or with my parents) almost every night. Tonight my parents were out of town, and neither one of us felt like cooking, so out we went.
Benjamin looking serious

We went to a local restaurant that is very family-friendly and got there around 5:45.  I came supplied with Mum-Mums (which I only just bought after another twin mommy shared hers with my guys while we were out at brunch), sippy cups, bibs, and toys.  Benjamin is currently going through a measuring cup phase, and carries a black measuring cup with him almost all the time (this includes naps), so he played with his measuring cup throughout dinner.

I ordered well-steamed broccoli and macaroni and cheese for the boys.  I ordered salmon for myself, with a side of whipped sweet potatoes.  The waiter was very nice and brought the boys' food first, but he obviously does not have kids because he also brought appetizer-sized plates for them.  Which Asher was ready to fling on to the floor!  Asher is very interested in grabbing things, and his reach is much longer than I would have thought possible for someone so small, so everything had to be crammed into a line down the center of the table and away from little hands.

Both Asher and Benjamin liked their broccoli and LOVED their macaroni and cheese.  Asher could not cram the mac and cheese in fast enough!  He was double-fisting the pasta, so something tells me there will be a lot more macaroni and cheese here in the future.  I remembered that in my first trimester macaroni and cheese was one of the only foods I felt like eating, so I guess it is somewhere deep down in their brains to like it.
Asher and his sippy

For dessert they had whipped sweet potatoes, which Asher was ecstatic about.  He started singing and getting very excited!  Benjamin was more subdued all around tonight, but he did spend some time making eyes at a woman in the booth next to us, who thought he was adorable.  We noticed that no one choose to sit too close to us, but the woman in the booth commented multiple times that they were so quiet and well-behaved.  Another mommy who was there with a little girl said, "Bless you for being brave enough to bring them out!"  My philosophy is that we might as well get them accustomed to it so that they learn how to behave, rather than have them be terrors when they are a little older.

Eric seemed impressed at how smoothly the evening went.  I wasn't too surprised, since I go out with them more frequently than he does, but I was glad that they didn't bother the other diners.  I like getting compliments on my boys, so I was happy that they made a good impression.

Then it was home and to bed for them, and on to the couch with crap TV for me (and work for Eric).  Another thrillingly exciting Saturday night for us.  It's a far cry from bar-hopping or nights out on the town, but I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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  1. So glad your dinner out went well! We haven't tried that yet because they are usually melting down by then. We need to try to take them out for Sunday brunch or something though. I took Abby by myself to Applebee's for lunch once and it went great.