Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a short update

Benjamin driving while talking on his cell phone
It has been a while since I updated about what the boys are doing in terms of skills and development.  Right now, Asher has 5 teeth, and Benjamin still has 2.  They are showing a great deal of interest in table food, and in general, we let them have tastes of pretty much anything.  They have had falafel, hummus and pita, brie, crackers, bits of meat and fish, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and various sweets (maybe I am a bad mom, but Eric and I eat dessert pretty much every day, and do a lot of baking, so there is always something around!).  Sometimes I match their meal to mine, so for breakfast the other day we all had oatmeal with cinnamon and bananas, other times they have English muffin, or grilled cheese at lunch.
Asher trying some roast chicken

They are both doing a lot more babbling.  I was a little worried that their verbal development was kind of lagging because they are so focused on doing physical things, but while we were in Maine Asher really got going, and just today Benjamin started up, too.  They are really starting to interact with each other, too.  When they are in their cribs for nap or bed, they often pull right up to face each other and laugh and babble.  It is really fun to listen to, and makes me wish we had a video monitor!

They are all over the place in the house.  Benjamin learned how to climb the stairs, and Asher was right behind him, so we rushed out to Babies r Us on Sunday for another gate.  Poor Peanut can't get around it, so he spends the day on one side or the other.  Fortunately, he likes sleeping so he doesn't seem too disturbed.

They are very quick crawlers.  They both pull up to standing, cruise, and transition from one piece of furniture to another.  They have started using child-size chairs as walkers, and walking behind them around the dining room.  Asher is so strong-- he will pull up on the gate or the windowsill and start doing chin-ups!  Pretty scary!  Benjamin is into climbing things.  He will look for a foothold wherever he can find it and just keep going from there.  The other day he climbed over the back of their walker and dumped himself head-first into the seat!  It was hysterical, to see his little legs waving around in the air.  And since the gate went up on the stairs, he has started trying to climb the outside of the stairs...  I am almost positive we will be on a first-name basis with the people at the ER before these guys are two years old!

We've been having an occupational therapist in for Asher's torticollis, and she has been very impressed with our boys' skills and development.  That is nice for a mommy to hear!  I am sure my guys could do anything/nothing and I would think they were the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it never hurts to hear from others that they're doing well.

In general, they are very happy, fun babies.  They light up when their grandparents come in the room, and when their nanny came on Tuesday they were so happy to see her that I was like chopped liver!  They continue to be well-loved by all their friends and family, and it is nice for me to see how much happiness they are bringing to our world.

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