Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow babies!

Benjamin checking out the fresh snow

We woke up on Saturday to some surprise snow.  I have been dying to go sledding ever since the big storm that we got in December of 2009 when I had just been placed on bed rest.  I love sledding, and when I think about it, I am not sure the last time I went... maybe college?

We don't have a sled (hint to grandparents for Hanukkah or Christmas of 2011-- sleds!), so we called our neighbors, who are actually the people from whom we bought our house, and asked to borrow one of theirs.  They have 4 children, so I figured odds were in our favor that they had one.  Not only did they have a nice orange saucer we could borrow, their oldest son gave me a tip that all the little kids go sledding at a park a little farther away than the big kid hill.

Meema Alison and I put the baby in their giant snowsuits and walked to the park.  It was a pretty shallow hill, that ends in a big playing field.  There were no trees or creeks or anything dangerous to run into, so that made me feel good.  The only other people sledding there were little girls, about 3 or 4 years old.  Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Meema Alison with a happy Benjamin
Pushing off at the top with a somewhat wary Asher

Benjamin on his second trip down
Asher trying out crawling in the snow
They didn't seem to love it, and they didn't seem to hate it.  I'll take that!  After the sledding adventure they took great naps, and I had a quiet afternoon.  

My big mistake yesterday-- watching "Black Swan" before bed.  I was up for hours with images and thoughts about it running through my mind.  My advice if you are planning to see the movie-- don't see it at night and don't see it alone!  So tonight will be an early night for me to make up for that lost sleep. The boys are doing really well with their sleeping, so I have only myself to blame.

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  1. I did the same thing with Black Swan- I couldn't stop thinking about it for hours! I was so distracted.

    Cute photos- the sledding looks fun! I haven't done that in forever either.