Thursday, December 29, 2011

Benjamin in a big boy bed!

I didn't get a chance to take a picture... but tonight is Benjamin's first night in his big boy bed!  It was not really my dream to have both boys in toddler beds before the age of 2, but what can you do when they can both climb out but not back in?

Benjamin learned to get out of the crib at Eric's parents' house, and has been able to translate his skills to his home crib.  Last night we heard crying, and Eric went up to investigate and found Benjamin sitting next to Asher in Asher's bed, crying because he couldn't get back to his own bed.

Tonight my parents came by and Eric and my dad quickly and efficiently took off the front of Benjamin's crib.  We then went up as a family to show Benjamin his new bed.  His face lit up!  He was grinning from ear to ear and jumped right up and then lay down like he was ready to go to sleep.  You could see he was so happy to have a bed like Asher does.

I dreaded putting him down to bed, worrying that it would be like the transition with Asher.  I worried for nothing- Benjamin lay down and snuggled up with his blankets, and I didn't hear a peep.  Asher, on the other hand, leapt out of his bed and was banging at the door before I could even get to the top of the stairs (4 feet away).  You would think it was Asher's first night in the bed, not Benjamin!

I am proud of Benjamin for making the transition so easily.  He used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, but he is now an easy sleeper and will sleep straight through without a peep til 7 am.  What a sweet boy!
My sweet Benjamin.  Who on earth could he be imitating?

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