Sunday, December 18, 2011

sweet moments

Benjamin and mommy

Benjamin seems to be getting ahead of the curve on the "Terrible Twos."  He is nowhere near terrible, but he is beginning to exercise his independence and there are certain things that he insists he do by himself.  He has to buckle the booster for himself, and put the tray on; he likes to open and close the gate on the stairs; and put his food on his tray when he eats.  If he doesn't get to do things for himself, he has a tantrum.  They're usually not so bad.  He just lowers himself to the floor, cries, and kicks his legs up and down at the same time.  I deal with them by saying "night night!" and walking away, which usually puts an end to it.

Today after nap, he would not stop crying (yes, he needed more nap but no luck there).  Asher was on my lap, and Eric brought Benjamin over next to us on the couch.  Benjamin buried his face in the couch and cried.  Eric asked Asher how to make Benjamin feel better, and Asher leaned over, gave him a hug and kiss, and patted his back and head.  It was so unbelievably sweet to see him care for his brother like that, and wonderful to know that my boys already have some empathy.
Big Bear
Benjamin and his bear

Benjamin has also started to take care of a toy bear.  He hugs it, feeds it milk, and sometimes feeds it food.  They don't have any dolls yet, but I think they're getting one for Hanukkah. I am glad that these little monkeys also have a sensitive side.

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