Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

Today we celebrated Christmas with Eric's family in Maine.  We really started celebrating on the 23rd with a party with Eric's mom's side of the family, though.  We went to Eric's brother's house and ate lots of dessert while the kids enjoyed themselves.  The boys took a bath with their cousin Kiptyn.  I think Kiptyn was kind of surprised, since he usually gets to take baths alone.  Their bath time ended when Benjamin caught sight of a toy shark and flipped out.  Asher promptly picked the shark up and gave it kisses on the mouth!
Three cousins in the tub
Christmas Eve we had another party, this one at Eric's grandparents, with Eric's dad's side of the family.  The boys got to see Santa, which was not really a big hit.  Despite the fact that it was their second night up past bedtime, their moods were good and they had fun with their cousins.
The tree on Christmas Eve
My Christmas gift from Eric was to sleep in.  I slept past 8, and then we got started on opening our stockings and the gifts from Eric's grandparents.  Benjamin got the idea of "stocking" and started putting it on like a sock!
Forget the gifts, I have a sock!

The boys in their Christmas pajamas with their Christmas sippies
opening their stockings with daddy
Later in the day their cousins came over for dinner and to open the rest of their gifts.  The boys seemed kind of overwhelmed about what to open and play with, so we got a little of this:
"That's my box!"
The boys got a ton of nice gifts, and more toys than we know what to do with.  Eric and I also got numerous nice things, including two cookbooks I have wanted for a while, new sheets and towels, and new pajamas for me!

Benjamin's favorite new toy
The boys definitely seemed hyped up by playing with their cousins.  Sleep took a turn for the worse, and Asher was up past 10 crying, and then Benjamin was up at 11:30, crying.  Then Benjamin woke for the day at 6:30.  Eric and I are a little tired!  We go home tomorrow, with a stop in Cambridge to see my grandparents and pick up my sister.  It will be nice to be back in our own house, but it will feel quiet and lonely after all the time celebrating with family.

I started this blog entry last night, but the internet decided it was done for the night before I was.  So today is also Benjamin and Asher's 21 month birthday.  Only 3 months until my angels are 2... I can't believe it!

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