Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend without daddy

This past weekend, Eric went to Maine to visit his parents, and I was home with the boys for 3 full days and 3 full nights.  For the most part, we had a wonderful weekend, and had our time filled with play dates and new experiences.  The only tough part has been lack of sleep- Asher's not doing so well, and neither am I!

On Friday afternoon we went to a "family fun center" to meet a friend.  There was a huge climbing structure, with tunnels and slides all kinds of fun things, but the boys quickly lost interest in it.  Instead, they wanted to "play" arcade games:

No doubt that my boys are boys- anything that resembles a car or a scooter gets their attention.

Saturday morning we went to the Please Touch Museum.  The museum was great, and we only saw some of it!  Now we're thinking about getting our own membership, since it is so close to us and will provide hours and hours of indoor entertainment this winter.  The boys had their first carousel ride:
Serious Asher
Brave Benjamin
Benjamin loved the carousel so much that he cried when it was over.  Then he threw a fit when I took him off his horse.  All the people waiting to ride definitely thought that was interesting.

Saturday afternoon the boys decided it was time for a nap boycott.  I was so tired that I texted Eric, "time to come home now!"  But we all pulled it together and went to our friend Hannah's birthday party at Little Gym.

The boys do Gymboree and love the playing and climbing, but the Little Gym had much more gymnastic-type equipment, and they went nuts for it!  Asher was interested in hanging from the uneven bars and lifting his legs up.  He is such a beast!  We might do Little Gym when our Gymboree membership runs out since they both seem to like the physical challenge.  The party was a great time, and ended with pizza (which they wouldn't eat) and cake (which they did).
Benjamin on the bars with his friend Maddie
Icing-faced Asher
By the time the boys were in bed, all I wanted for dinner was a glass of wine.  And cake, and ice cream.

Sunday we had fewer plans, which was good.  We did some grocery shopping, and then were headed to Latkepalooza when our friends called to say it was sold out.  We ended up going to the playground and getting frozen yogurt instead.  The boys' spoon skills are much better with frozen yogurt than they are with oatmeal!

By dinner, the boys were pretty much exhausted.  Asher didn't want to eat- I offered him brisket and noodles- until I brought out the broccoli.  He and Benjamin put away the broccoli like it was going out of style!  We finished dinner and I rushed the boys off to bed, and they were asleep long before their daddy got home.

I am so happy to have Eric home again.  I think we all missed him, and I'm glad we have the holidays coming up, where we can all be together.

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