Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

Last night we had Hanukkah with my parents, and Aunt Jane and Uncle Ed.  The boys stayed up until I was home from work to light the menorah with us, but I don't think that worked so well for them.
Cutest zombie ever
Bear in his bear-jamas on Grandpa Nick's shoulders
Aunt Jane lighting the menorah
Playing with the little people Hanukkah set
The boys got a set of wooden blocks for the first night.  I got a big gift- a new laptop!  I am writing this on my brand new MacBook Air.  It is wonderful!  My old laptop was running out of memory, the case was broken all over, and the boys had relieved it of the shift key, so it was time to let it go.  I love my new computer!

Did you know the cozy coupe was double-decker?
I have gifts for the boys for every night of the holiday (and more), as well as gifts from my parents.  Tomorrow we leave for Maine and of course they will probably be spoiled rotten there, too.  I am excited for the holiday, and to get time with all 3 of my guys.  Work has been kind of crazy the past few weeks-- for the two weeks prior to this I had many no-shows and cancellations, and then this week I can't even seem to cram everyone in.  Maybe they are worried about what they'll do without me for two weeks?

In any case, we are enjoying celebrating, giving gifts, cooking and eating, and seeing family and friends.  On Saturday we hosted a big brunch for our friends and had a completely packed house.  I love hosting, and it was great to have our friends and their children over.

And while I am grateful for all the material goods, I am reminded that I have something that money can't buy- my family.  This time of year, I think often of December 2009, when I was placed on bed rest.  I can still remember the anxiety I felt around the possibility of pre-term labor and losing my boys.  When I look at them now, so big and healthy, I know I didn't even imagine it being this good.

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