Sunday, September 23, 2012

what was supposed to be a super-fun post

I thought I would write today all about a really fun day trip to DC.  Hahahaha. That trip to DC was a HUGE mistake.  Let's see:

1) I am 27 weeks pregnant, and have to pee approximately every 45 minutes.  We had to stop twice on our way down, and my mom complained about my shifting uncomfortably in the back of the van.

2) My sister has a lovely 1-bedroom apartment, but the elevator is being redone and she lives on the 7th floor. I had to walk up the stairs, which was actually ok, but after I was down, I wasn't going back again.  Not even to pee.  So I had to pee in the bathroom at the hotel next door.

3) We went to the Zoo in the hopes of seeing the pandas.  Unfortunately, the baby panda had passed away that morning and the whole panda complex was shut down.  I feel worse that the baby is gone than that we didn't see the pandas, but still a disappointment.

4) The zoo is huge, and all hills.  There are no animals.  Every habitat appears to be under construction with no animals in it.  We saw a few cheetahs, a few wolves, and 1 elephant.  I got really tired of all the hiking around and started to get Braxton-Hicks contractions, which made me anxious.

5) Asher started throwing up around 5 pm.  He has gotten sick 3 times, all of them in the car, on himself and the car seat.  I didn't bring any extra clothes for him, so he wore a diaper and his sweatshirt, and then a diaper and Benjamin's sweatshirt, and then a diaper, Benjamin's sweatshirt and vomit until we got home.  I am just hoping he had an upset tummy and not a virus that will then pass to Benjamin, mommy, and daddy.

6) We got home at 8:15 and had two children and a bag full of vomity clothes to deal with.  And I am supposed to work tomorrow because of Yom Kippur later this week.

7) I am supposed to study a good chunk of one weekend afternoon and I didn't get to study.  And if Asher throws up again tomorrow, I won't be able to send him to school on Tuesday, which was my other big piece of time to study.

Guess I better go to bed.  I am hoping that we all sleep through the night and wake up 4 healthy people!  Eric didn't want to go to DC at all, and I was dithering.  We definitely should not have gone, even if it was nice to see my sister.  I am also 100% positive that I will not be traveling again until after this baby gets here.

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