Saturday, September 29, 2012

28 weeks

28w- tonight after dinner out

This week, all is well.  I had an appointment with the OB, and he did an internal, and said my cervix is still high and closed, and unchanged.  No restrictions still, and he thinks everything is going just fine.  He asked that I come back in 2 weeks for a growth scan.  I told him I'm really not excited at the prospect of having a "big" baby.  Both boys were so small that they came out with no problem.  My OB said he thinks it won't be bad anyway, since the boys "paved the way."

I also mentioned my general feeling more achy this pregnancy, and he said all second pregnancies are rougher than the first- because the first pregnancy takes a toll on your body, and you just don't feel the same.

My anxiety is now focused on the fact that this baby is coming in about 3 months and all I have done to prepare is take prenatal vitamins and go to OB visits.  When I was 28 weeks with the boys we had picked out and purchased furniture and bedding, and I had registered (I am not registering this time around, anyway).  This time, the baby doesn't have a room, has no furniture, no mattress, no bedding, no changing table, and her car seat is in another state. I know we'll get the car seat soon, but I think I am feeling ready to make a place for this new baby in our house.

I also have anxiety about whether I will love her as much as I love my boys.  It is hard to imagine loving someone else this much- how could she possibly be as perfect and as wonderful as my boys are? Or, will the boys feel like I love her more?  Asher is still such a snuggly baby, I don't know how he will do when my arms are busy holding someone else.

That said, I remind myself to enjoy this- this is my last pregnancy.  I'm getting the opportunity to have a "normal" pregnancy.  I am going out with my big belly and getting asked, "when are you due?  Boy or girl? How are you feeling?" just like I wanted in my last pregnancy but didn't get.  I get to feel her move all the time, and it's still just the two of us.  Just the little things I need to remember to enjoy in the midst of everything else.

How far along?  28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  I don't know total gain, but the nurse on Friday told me that I lost 1 pound from my prior visit, which makes me happy- at least my weight isn't on a continual and rapid increase.
Maternity clothes? Yes. And some of those are uncomfortable.  There's something about the jeans I have that pushes down on my tummy and makes it hurt.  I'm thinking of getting rid of them.  That, and I ripped the jeans the other day trying to pull them on.
Pregnancy symptoms?  A lot of irritability.  Mostly directed at Eric.  The other morning I interrogated him over why he had eaten the heel from a loaf of sandwich bread, because I was saving it to make bread crumbs.  He looked at me and said, "are you actually yelling at me for eating a crust of bread?"  Well, when you put it like that, it sounds unreasonable, but to me it seemed like a perfectly valid reason to be upset.

I am also getting more clumsy.  I am already not a graceful person.  But now my depth perception (also not good to begin with) is getting worse.  I keep burning myself, bumping bumpers on the car, etc.  I'm a real hazard!
Stretch marks? Only my old ones.
Sleep? Still waking up a lot in the middle of the night or early morning.  I wake up to pee, and if Eric snores.  Eric's snoring also pisses me off.  Last night he accused me of hitting him but I told him I was just pushing firmly.  Boy was I mad at him.
Best moment last week? Am I allowed to say when I heard I lost 1 lb? Or is that too shallow?
Movement?  Plenty of movement.  Not so much the feeling of her flipping around anymore, but kicks and flutters.  It's not always comfortable.  But I think I am still too well-padded to get the lumps from actual body parts sticking out, or maybe it is my anterior placenta.
Food cravings? I bought Fig Newtons at the store.  Asher isn't fooled and asked for them right away.  I also bought Lucky Charms, which he could tell by looking at the box are way better than his Trader Joe's O's.  I gave him a tiny bit and he picked the marshmallows out to eat them first and then gave Benjamin the plain part.  How do kids know?
Gender? Still female, and you can bet I will ask for quadruple confirmation at my growth scan on the 15th.
Labor signs? Braxton-Hicks.  Still.  Always.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Stamina and energy.  Not getting out of breath just from getting dressed.
What I am looking forward to: Nothing big on the horizon, just trying to enjoy a little bit of everyday.
Milestones: I'm in the 3rd trimester now!  And, if I didn't mention it, I passed my 1 hour glucose test with flying colors this time around, and am not anemic (which I was from 18 weeks on with the boys).  Apparently it is much easier to be pregnant with 1 than 2.

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