Saturday, October 13, 2012

30w update to come...

I have an ultrasound and appointment on Monday, so I will post about the pregnancy after that.  In the meantime, we are having a pleasantly unplanned yet still somewhat eventful weekend.

Yesterday Aunt Elana came to visit from DC, which was a nice treat.  We had a really good dinner of roast lamb and potatoes after the little guys went to bed.

The downside was that P, who joined our family almost 65 years ago as a nanny to my aunt Jane, but who stayed on to raise all 3 of my grandparents' children and serve as extra grandma to all of us grandchildren, got sick.  Unfortunately, my mom had to take her to the hospital and it took forever to figure out what was going on and to get her a room.  It seems to be an infection, and she seems to be feeling a little better, but it has been stressful for my parents.  I have stayed away from the hospital because 1) they didn't know what she had or how contagious it might be and 2) hospitals really are just the best place to pick up germs no matter what.  Hopefully she will be well again soon.

Today we started with french toast made from leftover challah.  We hung out in our pj's and noticed that the annual neighborhood 5K was running past our house!  We went outside to cheer on the runners, which the guys really liked.  Benjamin was waving and yelling, "Hi!  Hi!" and a lot of people waved back and smiled.
Hoping for more runners

A small positive was that I got my phone replaced.  The headphone jack and dock connector were not working correctly, and because it was still covered under warranty, I got a new phone.  I could swear to you that this new phone is faster and brighter, even though it is the same model.  Anyway, it was a small perk in the day!

Because the rest of the family was running around like crazy, taking care of P and my grandparents, Eric and I served lunch and dinner to everybody.
Look who still lives here- Trouble!
Helping Daddy vacuum.  Not so helpful, but they are encouraged to participate-
one day they will have actual chores!

Tonight Eric made Indian food for dinner, and I made a chocolate cake for dessert.  My parents, who were supposed to be on a plane headed to Paris, joined us for a quiet and relaxing evening.  We ate our cake and ice cream in front of a roaring fire, the first one of the season.  I think we all felt better after a good dinner and good company.

I found these pictures on the camera- I think they were taken while I was at work on Tuesday and Meema was babysitting.  I heard lots of complaints about how the guys didn't nap, but now I see why- Meema was WAY too much fun.  There are pictures of them hugging and tickling and kissing, building with blocks, reading and snuggling.  Geez, I wouldn't nap either!  Meema should take some lessons from me on how to be boring.

Bear standing where the blocks belong
Reading.  The boys love books.

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  1. hi Rebecca,

    I came across your blog because I'm pregnant with twins, on bed rest and looking for bed rest blogs.Then I saw you're about a week further along than me with your 2nd, normal pregnancy! Great to see everything is proceeding without problems this time- this is also my first pregnancy and I have been wondering how much is cervical incompetence and how much is the added strain of twins. Anyway, just wanted to say your bed rest story has encouraged me- I long to carry mine until 36 weeks!