Monday, October 22, 2012

boo at the zoo

I just wanted to share what I think is quite possibly the cutest thing(s) on earth:
Polar Bear, Monkey, and Lion
Oh my goodness, I know I am totally biased because I am their mom, but tell me those aren't the most adorable little animals you've ever seen?

They LOVED being dressed up and have asked to wear their costumes almost everyday since.  We're practicing saying "trick or treat" and there is much excitement around candy.

Here is a picture of me with my belly on Saturday night:
Eric and I had a date at a restaurant, Gemelli.  We went there the night I was 31 weeks pregnant with the boys on our first big night after months of bed rest.
31w with my boys
Then I had dinner there on March 31st of this year on a girls' night out.  After a lovely dinner and 2 glasses of wine, I came home to my husband and one thing led to another... and that is when we conceived Petunia.  So we kept up the "31" tradition.  We had a delicious dinner, and a nice night out.

That's it for now- Meema and Grandpa are still in Paris and I want them home!  I have been visiting the grandparents and Pierrette at their residence, mommying 2 boys, trying to study (hahaha), and working. I definitely count on my parents for a lot of help and support and it stinks when they're gone!

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