Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We have been looking forward to Halloween for ages!  Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy didn't seem to share our excitement.  We lost power on Monday morning, got it back for a couple of hours, and then lost it again on Monday around 3, never to get it back.  Our township supposedly canceled trick-or-treating tonight, but we weren't going to be able to have it at our house anyway.  Fortunately, friends of ours have family in the neighboring town, and invited us to go there.  It was the perfect street for trick-or-treating, because there were lots of houses fairly close together, and almost every house on the street was passing out candy.

Asher took to trick-or-treating like a monkey to the jungle.  He rushed right up to the door, and would sometimes say "trick or treat!" and sometimes just grab a piece of candy.  Sometimes he would say "thank you," sometimes he would push Benjamin up to the candy bowl and say, "Pick one, BooBoo!" Benjamin was a little more polite and cautious.  He would hover at the bowl and wait for the adult to pick a piece of candy for him, or he would point to the one he wanted and then let the adult, or me, put it in his bag.  Asher would then run back down the walk and say "Another house!  Another house!"  

They got a decent haul for their first Halloween!  They came home and split a full-size bag of M&Ms with Grandpa Nick, and I have to admit that I recently ate a Butterfinger and shared some Twizzlers with Meema.

Oh, right. We are staying at my parents' house because of our lack of power.  It has been a little difficult, because at first we thought we were staying here for 1 night... now 2... and now it seems like we'll be here til Saturday.  We've brought things over in dribs and drabs, but we don't have enough clothing for everyone.  Our house is very cold and dark, and it feels sad and lonely in there.  I can't wait to go home and warm the place up again.

Here are some pictures from our Halloween:

Knocking on the door with their friend Amelia (a dragon)

Lion and monkey

More lion and monkey

Mommy with her boys.  Apparently I am a whale for Halloween

Lion and Monkey with their friend Amelia Dragon

The boys were DONE at the end of the night.  On the drive home they both started to doze off, and when we finally got them into bed they went to sleep without monkey business (haha) for the first time in a while.  I hope they get a good night's sleep- they have been really thrown off by all the moving around and changes in schedule and scenery.  Last night Benjamin was asking to go home and go na-night at home. It was really sad, but we have told them there are no lights and it is cold at home.  They seem to be adjusting, although Asher is not eating much and is misbehaving at mealtimes.

Supposedly Halloween is rescheduled for Sunday for our township.  I will definitely put out my pumpkins and have the candy ready, just in case!

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