Sunday, October 28, 2012

a little about the boys and 32w

I just want to comment (yet again) on how lucky I feel to have these two sweet angels as my children.  I am still so madly in love with them that I can't stand it- even if there are days where I wish I could get a little more quiet and cooperation.

Tonight we had dinner at my parents' house, and though the boys did some usual 2 year-old stuff, like not sharing toys, some crying, and not really eating their food, they were mostly adorable and entertaining.  At the end of the night, Meema was reading to them:
I joined them and it is so wonderful to watch their rapt faces.  Asher was imitating all the noises and repeating words, and had a definite preference for which book Meema needed to read next.  We snuggled and it was just one of those moments you dream of when you are dreaming of having children.

I also found this picture on my phone:
Bear in sunglasses and p.j.'s at breakfast
I am so taken with their beautiful faces!

Benjamin is starting to pee more on the potty- motivated by M&Ms.  Eric and I discussed getting him pull-ups so he can go more easily. It is great that he his choosing to go, although he shows no interest in pooping on the potty.  But, progress is progress! I always tell him what a smart, big boy he is for going on the potty.  I am hoping once he gets the hang of it, Asher will decide it looks fun.  Fingers crossed.

Now, the pregnancy-
How far along?  32w1d
Total weight gain/loss?  At my appointment on Friday, I had gained 0 lbs since my last appointment.  The nurse offered to tell me my total gain and I said no, thank you.
Maternity clothes? Mm-hmm. I put on what I thought was a big sweatshirt tonight and it was more like a belly-baring top.  Yuck!
Pregnancy symptoms?  Feeling creaky, but that's about it.  I feel pretty energetic, all things considered.
Stretch marks? Maybe a few new ones? I asked the nurse at my OB's and she said she didn't see anything new.
Sleep? The same complaints. I wake up to pee and have trouble falling back to sleep.  Last night I didn't even have time to fall back to sleep before I had to pee again!  It is so annoying.  It is painful only sleeping on one side, too.
Best moment last week? I can't think of a single moment... life is moving along quickly, but mostly all good things!
Movement?  Yes.  She is head-down, her feet are up by my ribs, I think,  We got in a little fight the other day as I was trying to push them away.
Food cravings? Pizza.  We made pizza at home, and it was good, but it wasn't greasy enough.  That is what I get for trying to be healthy!  Eric said he wished I had mentioned my pizza craving earlier so we could be eating it more.
Gender? Girl!
Labor signs? Nothing other than Braxton-Hicks, still.  Why do I even comment on this?  I have had them since 18w in this pregnancy and clearly they mean nothing about labor, in this pregnancy or my last.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Having a wardrobe.  Putting clothes on and looking good rather than like a manatee.
What I am looking forward to: I was looking forward to Halloween and seeing my bugs in their costumes, but now it looks like we're having a hurricane instead.  I am NOT looking forward to 2-3 endless days trapped in our house with 2 2 year-olds.
Milestones: Well, my OB said, "in the home stretch now!"  This is both good news, and scary news.  We talked about my delivery... I cannot believe it will be in 2 months or less.  Oh geez, I'm not ready!  My OB thinks I will probably go til close to my due date and that the baby will be about 7 lbs.  I can handle 7 lbs!  I am worried about going into labor at work, since I work so far away, but he said I should be fine to get to my hospital.  I just hope my supervisor or co-workers are prepared to take me!

Oh! And on Saturday we had some family pictures taken.  The boys, the leaves, my belly, the family... I can't wait to see them.  I am unabashedly biased, but I think the boys are the cutest things on Earth.  Benjamin was a total ham- he was definitely posing and grinning for the photographer!  I will post some of the pictures here when we get them.

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