Saturday, October 6, 2012

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Due to the Jewish holidays, the boys have not had a full week of school since their first week, almost a month ago!  There is yet another holiday this week, but after this, they will be on their regular schedule up until Thanksgiving.  The past couple of days, Benjamin has cried (real, actual, tears down his face cried) all the way there, saying "No school!  No!  No school!"  But then the second we walk in the door of his classroom, I am old news and his off to play.  Asher is fine going, and then when we get into the classroom, he starts to cry and cling.  Oy.  Most days they come home with most of their lunch eaten, and when I got home from work on Thursday they seemed to be in great moods, so something must be going right.

Eric also said that when he picked the boys up from after-care this past week, the women in charge complimented him on how wonderful the boys are.  I agree, but it is nice to hear that from other people, since I know I am completely biased.  The boys are always giving the after-care ladies hugs goodbye, which is very sweet.  We have certainly raised some loving and affectionate little guys.

Friday morning Asher started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama" and hasn't called me Mama since.  I am actually really sad.  Mommy sounds like such a big boy thing to say.  I kept meaning to take video of him calling me Mama, because he has this adorable way of saying, "Hiiiiii Mama!" and I never did.  And now I never will.  Just that feeling that time with them flies by so quickly.

Benjamin must have read my post about him not talking.  For one thing, I am a procrastinator and didn't call Early Intervention for him.  Partly because I just don't want to deal with taking an entire morning to have them into our house again, partly because I just don't feel like making a phone call.  Anyway, all of a sudden he is saying much more, imitating us more, trying to talk more.  He started saying, "I do!" too.  Today I went into the room where Benjamin and Asher were playing and smelled poop.  I asked, "Who in here stinks?"  And Benjamin said, "I do!" (and it was him).

Eric and I went out to the movies tonight.  It is the first time we've been to the movies since I was 21 weeks pregnant with the boys.  Can you believe it?  We saw "Sleepwalk with Me," which I was excited to see, since I first heard the episode of This American Life it is based on when I was doing my IVF for the boys.  The movie was not as funny as I think Mike Birbiglia's stand-up is, but we had a nice time and even got some popcorn.

And, it's not new, but I'm still pregnant.  I am happy to be passing all my bed rest milestones and not be on bed rest. says that my baby is now the size of a small squash, which is very fitting for the season!

Today we had what I am guessing will be our last day of "summer" weather, with temperatures close to 80 and sunshine.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy, so I'm planning chili and cornbread for dinner, and maybe a pumpkin bundt cake as well.  I also saw that my aunt and uncle had closed up their pool for the winter, which makes me sad.  We had many a fun day at that pool this summer!  But ready or not, fall is here.  (I'm not ready.  Fall means this baby will be here sooner rather than later!)

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