Monday, April 8, 2013

3 year well visit

I took the boys for their 3 year well visit on Friday (and Charlotte came, too).

It seems like they are as healthy as can be, which is reassuring.  Asher weighed 32.8 lbs and was 37.5 inches tall.  Benjamin weighed 30.2 lbs and was 36.5 inches tall.  I am slightly concerned about Benjamin's low weight, but the doctor said he's still on the charts (about 40%).  I guess he's just small!

My only real concern in this visit was Benjamin's speech.  She said since we met our deductible and it would be free, we should go and have his hearing tested.  If his hearing is fine, which I suspect it is, we can wait til he's 4 to worry about his enunciation.

The boys got really antsy in the exam room as the doctor asked me all the developmental questions.  She asked me if they have behavioral problems, and I said, other than toy-throwing, and Benjamin biting Asher a few times, they don't.  Of course, right after I said that, Asher started knocking his head against the wall and saying, "Head-butt! Head-butt!"  Oy.  They learned that at school, I swear.
Asher on the way home from Maine, protesting with his Easter bucket

The doctor's office used to give out lollipops, but recently outlawed them for health reasons.  The boys were disappointed, because they have a small obsession with lollipops, so I told them that if they were good listeners at the doctor, we could go out for pizza and ice cream for lunch.  So they were (mostly), and we did.  They used to not like pizza, and now they love it.  And they have always loved ice cream. They behaved well (other than the head-butting and a little mistreatment of a baby doll), so we had a fun lunch of pizza and frozen yogurt with their play group friends.

Charlotte needed to come to the appointment because she has a yeast infection on her neck that we're having trouble getting rid of.  I took her Monday afternoon last week and got an ointment, which didn't help in any way.  Finally, on Friday, we were prescribed an anti-fungal powder, which has helped immediately.  What a relief to me, it made me sick to my stomach to see her skin raw and oozing.

I am writing this post as all 3 of my little ones take good, long naps.  The boys were exhausted after an early wake up and a birthday party, and Asher crossed over into hysteria.  I told him if he didn't nap, I would eat his treat from the birthday party.  He was into bed and out like a light in no time!  Charlotte is really a good sleeper, she is happy to be put in her co-sleeper and suck her thumb.  She can settle herself to sleep without trouble.  Today I put her down in a short-sleeved onesie and pants- seeing her bare arm was a surprise, and I realized that I haven't seen her arms bare, outside of bath time, in her entire life. I am really, really looking forward to warmer weather and skimpier clothes!  She's so beautiful and I want to see and touch her soft skin.

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