Saturday, April 27, 2013

benjamin and asher's 3rd birthday party

I re-read my notes from last year, which said, "keep it simple." I was so proud of myself for keeping this in mind as I planned- order pizzas, make a big cake instead of cupcakes.  I didn't do much decorating, or have a theme, or make silly (but delicious) cake pops for favors.

And what a perfect day we had for the party!  Sunny with a high in the low 70s!

But we had to wake the boys from their nap, and they were dragging.  Asher definitely seemed under the weather, so he wasn't having nearly as much fun as he did last year.

Charlotte's first time in a swing
She fell asleep
3 of us going down the 40' wooden slide
It was fun!

Waiting for cake
"Happy Birthday to you..."
Trying to blow out candles
And that is it for pictures, because as I was cutting the cake for the other party-goers, my mom said, "Asher looks like he's going to throw up..."  and a short minute later, he did.  Fortunately Eric swung him to the garbage can and there was no muss, no fuss.  But some of our guests pretty much leapt up and left the party.  I can't say I blame them!  He tried to throw up one more time when we got home, but then after Advil and a bath he rebounded and was asking for crackers.  I did give him some, and they seem to have stayed down, so I have my fingers crossed it wasn't anything serious.  What perfect timing my love bug has!

Birthdays this year haven't been great- Pierrette's funeral on my dad's birthday, Passover for the boys' actual birthday, my grandmother dying on Eric's birthday, and now vomit at the birthday party.  Good thing we get to try again next year.


  1. The nice thing about birthdays is you get a do-over every year. Sorry we missed all the fun! Glad Asher is feeling better.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the recent losses in your life. Happy birthday boys!