Monday, April 1, 2013

trip to Maine (and lots of pictures)

We just got back from a long weekend in Maine- Charlotte's first trip North, and her first visit to her cousins and great-grandparents up there.  The boys had so much fun with their cousins and grandparents.  It was hard to leave, and Asher spent the first 2.5 hours of the trip home asking to go back to Memere and Pepere's.

We drove up on Thursday and made good time.  All 3 children were wonderful in the car- Charlotte mostly slept, the boys talked to us, read books, watched some tv on our phones, or just looked out the window.  We made it all the way to Massachusetts before we stopped for a late lunch.  After that, no more stops, and we got to Eric's parents' at 4 pm.  The boys and Charlotte slept well at Memere and Pepere's, which always makes for a nice vacation!

On Friday, we went with Memere to Portland to the children's museum there.  It's much smaller than the Please Touch Museum here, but the boys found a few things to do and enjoyed themselves.  Here they are "fishing:"
And here I am with Charlotte, after an emergency snack break:
Friday night we went out for seafood, and I had a special Passover lobster.  Then we went out for ice cream!  The boys' abilities to eat ice cream cones have increased since last summer, and they devoured their cones with very little mess.  Asher chooses vanilla, he says "that my favorite!"  Benjamin initially said vanilla, but then changed his mind to chocolate.

Saturday morning we went over to their cousins' house and they played in the bouncey house in the basement. They had so much fun!  If we ever do our basement (which we plan to, but it's far down the list of home improvement projects) we'll get one for our house.
Bouncing Bear
Cousin Kiptyn.  Something reminds me of Benjamin, but I'm not sure what.
Flying with Myah
Benjamin in action
beautiful cousin Taylor
Saturday night we had an Easter egg hunt inside (because they still have 3 feet of snow, or more, piled up) and an early Easter dinner with the whole family.  There are 13 of us! 6 adults and 7 children, and my sister-in-law wants at least 1 more.  We ran out of chairs and space at the dining room table!

Memere made cupcakes for the boys' birthday, and the boys helped frost them.
Benjamin adding sprinkles
On Sunday I got in a run, and then we visited Eric's grandparents.  Grampa was thrilled to meet his youngest great-grandchild.  Charlotte is the first biological great-granddaughter after 9 great-grandsons, so she is a big surprise to everyone!  Here is Charlotte with her great-grandpa:
Then we ate a rushed lunch and got on the road to come home.  We all ate enough sugar and dessert to last us a week, but boy, was it fun!

Here are some other pictures from the past week:
Birthday chocolate roll with Meema
Charlotte's first time in a dress
my 3 loves in Charlotte's crib
Benjamin reading his truck book to Charlotte
At the zoo this morning with their friend Lily

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