Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy first Fathers' Day to Eric!  And happy 30th Fathers' Day to my Dad! And of course, happy Fathers' Day to my father-in-law, Steve, and my Grandpa David and my Grandpa Sy, and Eric's Grampa Whitten. 

I have to say that not too much special happened, other than that both boys took long naps and we both got to eat lunch at lunch time.  And Benjamin decided that Eric needed a chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting to celebrate, so I baked a cake.  I am so impressed that I managed to bake a cake, and make the frosting.  And soon I will actually frost it!

The top picture is Eric holding a sleepy Asher this morning, and the other picture is my dad talking computers with Benjamin.  It will be interesting to see if these boys grow up as interested in computers as their father and grandfather.

We've had a very nice weekend.  My uncle Peter (my dad's brother) and my cousin Erica came into town on their way to DC.  We had Friday night dinner out on the patio at my parents' house, and then spent a lazy Saturday at my aunt Jane and uncle Ed's pool (Jane and Ed were out of town).  Then for dinner we went out!  This was our first dinner out at a restaurant with the babies.  We've done lunch, but never dinner.  We went out for Vietnamese, which our cleaning guy (who is Vietnamese) said was a good choice, because Vietnamese apparently like crying babies.

On our way there I pumped in the back seat, and then we got into the center of Philadelphia where there are all kinds of pedestrians, and I quickly threw my bra and shirt back on.  We soon arrived at the restaurant and carried the babies in; my parents, cousin, and my mom's friend Linda and her husband Mark were already there.  We started getting settled, when I realized my shirt felt lumpy.  I reached around my back, and my hands-free pumping bra was hanging out the back of my shirt!  The bra looks kind of like a tube top with holes, and since it gets a lot of use, it is stained yellow from milk all around the holes.  In other words, it looks weird and totally gross.  So I tried to pull it out of my shirt, and it wouldn't come out!  We could not figure out how to get it off of me, and in the meantime my mom started laughing hysterically, which set me off to laughing hysterically, and more and more people began to stare at us.  My dad told us to go to the ladies' room, so we did, and got me untangled, but it was pretty funny.

Below is a picture of the Fathers' Day cake I made (soooo good with vanilla ice cream!).

And two more pictures of daddies with babies:

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