Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have been remiss

In posting.  I started an entry that quickly got into a rant about sleep (or lack thereof), and put down the computer to go read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child."  Which made me realize that we are not yet ready to sleep train these babies.  Mostly because there maximum amount of time between feedings is about 5 hours.  Once we got 6 from Benjamin, but that's it.  So until they are bigger and lasting longer between feedings, we are stuck.  We are coping, though.  Right now we are getting them to bed by 8:30 (although Asher was up past 9 just chatting in his crib last night), we get to sleep around 10, and so we get a little more sleep and feel better rested for the nighttime feedings. 

There is not much new around here.  The babies are definitely changing and developing.  Benjamin is smiling more (mostly at people who aren't me, which is a little tough for me), and both babies are making more verbal sounds.  They are also tolerating time awake and not being held better.  Asher is generally happy to just be on his own, looking around, waving his arms and legs.  Benjamin is less interested in being left alone, but he will now do it for small periods of time, where before he would insist on being held. 

I am having some trouble with Asher.  In the past couple of days it seems he is eating much less.  He will latch on and nurse enthusiastically for a short period of time, then pull off and cry, and then not go back to nursing.  He also won't really eat from a bottle.  I am worried he isn't getting enough to eat, although he continues to have wet and dirty diapers.  I called the doctor, and one of the pediatricians from the practice called me back and said it is probably acid reflux... which I don't agree with.  I am not sure what the problem is, and whether a visit to the pediatrician will help.  I am waiting to hear from the lactation consultant about what she thinks.  Ben is barely nursing at all, he loses the latch and milk dribbles all over him, and me...  In the meantime, I am having a hard time managing my milk and am leaking everywhere!  It's times like this that make formula and bottles appealing.

But the boys are adorable!  Here is Asher:
And here is Benjamin:
Delicious babies!