Friday, October 7, 2011

18 month well visit

Beep beep!  Cute boys coming through!

Today we had the boys' 18 month well visit at the pediatrician.

Benjamin is 33 inches tall, 24.6 pounds, and his head is 19.5" around.

Asher is also 33 inches tall, 25 pounds, and his head is 18.5" around.

Eric and I really think that Asher is taller than Benjamin, but maybe we are wrong?  Asher's legs are certainly longer than Benjamin's- those are Eric's genes, not mine!

They are perfectly healthy, and our only concern is their lack of words.  I am not sure how concerned the nurse practitioner we saw was, because I told her we had already scheduled consults for both of them for speech.  She said that would be their only recommendation as well at this point.  This morning Asher's physical therapist was evaluating him and said he is right on in everything except speaking, which she estimated to be at a 10 month level!  I don't think he is that far behind, he has some words and uses signs, and understands almost everything we say to him.  We'll see when we have his speech consult on Monday!

We also went back to the playground we had visited over the weekend, and the boys had a good time.  This time, I had room on the memory card for lots of pictures!  They loved the slide, and could not get enough.  What big boys, flying down all by themselves!

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