Wednesday, October 26, 2011

19 months, and boo at the zoo

beep beep! sheep in a jeep!

Oh my goodness, 19 months!  We have been having a lot of fun.  This past weekend, we had a visit from Eric's mom, which was great except for the trip to the E.R.

On Sunday we took the boys to "boo at the zoo," as an opportunity to get them in their costumes.  You may notice that Asher is in a fuzzy sheep shirt and Benjamin is in a plain white shirt.  That is because Benjamin wouldn't have anything to do with the fuzzy shirt, and the second I pulled the shirt over his head, he began pulling the fur off and throwing it on the ground.  You may also notice that Asher has a sheep hat on, and that Benjamin's head is bare.  That is because Benjamin refused to wear his hat, and kept ripping it off.  He did all the costume-tearing-apart in front of the long line of people waiting to board the shuttle to the zoo, and boy, did they get a laugh out of it.

uh oh! the jeep won't go!
sleepy sheep
Asher got a lot of compliments on his costume.  Unfortunately, the zoo was a zoo, and we didn't actually get to see many animals.  Daddy-Eric got tired of towing the "jeep" full of sheep, and I got overheated in my wintery clothes.  We didn't stay too long!
Bear-sheep and his mommy
Benja-sheep and his memere
While Eric's mom visited, she and Eric rented a carpet-cleaner and Eric shampooed all of our carpets.  No visit from memere would be complete without her leaving the house a little cleaner than when she arrived!
Memere with Asher in his Maine shirt
Serious Benjamin in his Maine shirt
Now the boys won't see Eric's parents until Christmas, which I know is hard for them, but will be here before we know it!

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