Tuesday, October 11, 2011

apple picking fail

"Do you see any apples?  I don't see any apples..."

On Sunday, inspired by all the adorable pictures of our friends at apple orchards and pumpkin patches with their cute kids in wagons, we set out to pick apples at a nearby orchard.

Well, their website said picking was good.  Ha.  Late Sunday afternoon of a beautiful weekend in October meant that there was nothing left!  The trees were completely bare!

We trekked up and down the orchard, in 80+ degrees, with the sun on us, hauling over 50 pounds of baby, and found nothing.  I am sure that the orchard's store had already-picked apples and other things we could have purchased, but Eric and I were so disappointed that we just got in the car and left.

The only plus from the whole thing was that the boys didn't know what "We're going apple picking!" meant, so they weren't so disappointed when their big adventure was just rolling around an orchard in a wagon.

Next year, we're going in September.

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