Wednesday, October 5, 2011

big boy bed update

Monday night after I wrote that all was well, I went and peeked in on Asher.  Yes, he had gone to sleep without a peep, but he had gone to sleep in the middle of the floor!  I picked him up and put him in his bed.

We thought we would open the door to his room and our room, and put a gate at the top of the stairs so he could come get us if he woke up- which he did at 1:30 in the morning.  Then he was up for good around 6, and woke up Benjamin.  We tried to ignore them in the hopes they would go back to sleep, but Benjamin's cries escalated- he had peed out his diaper and his pj's were wet.

So we were up pretty early, and both boys were exhausted.  I tried morning naps and Asher would not get in/stay in his bed, and Benjamin also went crazy.  When I got in to Benjamin, he had taken his pajamas off and started to take off his diaper, and he was very unhappy.  So nap time was over.

Today things have been better- Asher got himself down for a nap in the morning, and after a little snuggle and some kisses, fell asleep by himself in his bed tonight.  Yesterday I was ready to have Eric put the crib rails back on his bed because I was having so much trouble with the transition.

Not only is it hard to have Asher cry, or bang on his door at 6 am because he is awake and wants to play, but the lack of napping is difficult for me.  Those 60-90 minutes in the morning allow me to shower, clean, get food ready for our lunches, or even just come online for a few minutes.  Without any naps, I get two cranky boys looking for trouble, and I get tired pretty quickly.  That said, I have been very happy to be a part-time working mommy these past two days.  I like the time by myself on the drive to and from work, and I don't worry about their naps, or whether they are cranky.

At this point, it seems that the transition to toddler bed is not a complete failure, but it has been stressful! We're tired, and our nighttime sleep has been disrupted (last night Asher was up around 11:30), which we haven't had to deal with in many months.  I am not looking forward to doing this again with Benjamin!

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