Sunday, November 4, 2012

evidence we are 100% nuts

Well, I have not said anything here or to many of my friends because I wanted to be sure- but now it looks like it's really happening...

We're buying a new house.  Now.  Like, probably closing by the end of the month.  Oh, wait, I am taking my big licensing exam in a week?  Right, yes.  And I'm 33 weeks pregnant?  Mm-hmm.  Yes, it certainly sounds like now is an ideal time to buy a new house, fix up the house we live in, and sell it.  Yes, we definitely needed more to do.

But an opportunity presented itself that seemed too good to pass up.  A neighbor of ours passed away unexpectedly- he was a widower with grown children.  He lived on our block in one of the larger, single-family homes (ours is a twin, or duplex, whatever you prefer to call it).  We left a note for the family letting them know that if they were interested in selling, we were interested in buying- that our family is expanding and we are outgrowing our current house but want to stay in this neighborhood.  They responded a week later saying they wanted to sell, and we quickly struck an agreeable deal.

Now it is home inspections, agreements to buy, deposits and money, and we have to get a contractor in there because it needs a kitchen.  But it's 4 bedrooms, with room for a play room separate from our living room.  It is enough room for us to stay there forever, if need be.  With mortgage rates as they are, we won't even be paying more month-to-month!  We are very excited to have a home that is the right size for us, and to design a new kitchen for ourselves.

As a result, poor Petunia has no nursery.  Thank goodness pack-n-plays are portable, because who knows where we'll be living for the first few weeks or months of her life- if our house (fingers crossed) sells quickly, we will end up in my parents' house for some period of time while we get a kitchen in place.

I am really looking forward to having it all settled- I don't like moving, and I will miss our happy little house.  We have had such wonderful times here.  But wherever we are, we will still be our family.  I am sure as the boys get older, they will like having a bigger room with more room for books, toys, and to play.

I had been looking forward to getting through my exam and focusing on getting ready for the baby- making a nursery for her, nesting.  Now we are shaking things up and I won't get to nest right now, but I will make a special little room for her in our new house.  Good thing I didn't go crazy buying baby things!

That's our big news for now.  Tonight our township supposedly had a rescheduled Halloween, but not too many people got the memo.  I took the boys out, but there were so few houses passing out candy and it was so cold that we came home pretty quickly.  Asher LOVED handing out candy to anyone who came by.  He kept yelling "More people! More people!" to try to get people to magically appear at our door.  He also wouldn't take off his monkey costume.  He was seriously adorable.

The boys tonight:
I had told them to hold hands
And me, 33w1d, since we missed any picture last week.  Well, we took real pictures with a photographer, but I don't have them yet.
I definitely look pregnant...
I still feel generally very well, so that is great.  Yesterday I took the boys to Ikea and didn't even need a nap afterward!  They were total angels there, I felt so lucky.  They made up for it this morning, though...  That's 2 year-olds for you.

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  1. Just remember, life is what happens when you've made other plans :)