Monday, November 26, 2012

2 years, 8 months

Just a quick entry- the boys are 2 years and 8 months old today, which I realized as I wrote the date on their biographical information forms at the dentist this morning.

That's right- the first trip to the dentist!  They both did well- they squeezed into the chair together and let the dentist look at their teeth and said "ahhhhh" for her.  We go back in 6 months or so for their first cleaning.  Asher's two front teeth are gray, apparently from a fall/trauma to the teeth.  She said it could turn out any number of ways- they could get less gray, more gray, fall out, or he could injure them again and they could fall out after that.  Poor Bear.  Can you imagine if he lost his teeth at 3 and then didn't get teeth again til he's 6?  Benjamin has a chipped tooth.  That is what you get with 2 active boys- the dentist said it is completely normal.

I was feeling very super-mom today- Eric was out at his boss's house all day, and I did breakfast, got the boys to the dentist (with Asher in rain boots since his 1 pair of shoes was in the wash), then did errands.  We went to the Apple store, Starbucks to bribe them with a muffin, the luggage store to refill my planner, back to the Apple store, then Trader Joe's for groceries.  They each wanted noodles for lunch, but Asher wanted his with cheese and peas, and Benjamin wanted his with red sauce.  So I made homemade cheese sauce for Asher's noodles and they each got what they wanted.  Then we read books til nap time, then they went down for nap and actually slept!  I got my own work done, then when they woke up we made more sugar cookies.  I folded laundry, and made them a dinner of sesame chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.

My parents came over for dinner- after food was cooked- and we ate together.  After dinner I put the rice back on because I thought it was a little underdone, and we cleaned up a little, then I wrote thank-you notes and paid bills.  Then we went up to get ready for bed- my dad was helping me while I put laundry away.  I smelled something toasty.  I came back downstairs for the boys' toothpaste and definitely smelled burning.  The rice!  I ruined my domestic goddess-ness for the day by burning the rice and possibly killing the pot.  Oh well, no one is perfect!  That kind of did me in.  When Eric finally returned from a long day of work capped by a really nice dinner out (I told him for the sake of our marriage he should keep the details of his delicious dinner to himself) I let him do all the rest of the dishes.

What a long day- it must be time for bed.

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