Monday, November 12, 2012

34w2d, and one hurdle passed

Could they be any cuter?!?
Well, I took my exam today, hurray!  There is no way to know whether I passed or failed, so I have to just put it behind me now and move on.  There is so much else to do, with our buying a new house and trying to sell our current home.  Our house went on the market on Thursday and got a fair amount of attention over the weekend, but no offers yet (is it unrealistic to think someone would want to snap it up immediately?).  It has been completely nuts trying to get things fixed and cleaned around the house while trying to study and care for the boys.

The boys have been, for the most part, very cooperative in having their needs ignored.  They've made 2 trips to Ikea without complaint- although I am sure the ice cream cones at the end help with their agreeableness!  They have mostly spent the past 2 weekends doing what mommy and daddy need to do, so this past Sunday, when the weather was perfect as can be, we went to the zoo.  The big let-down, which the boys handled better than I did, was that the kids' petting zoo is closed til spring!  We still had fun.  The funniest moment was when we got there and were looking for parking, Eric drove past the main gates and Benjamin started to cry in the backseat thinking we weren't going to the zoo at all.  He said, "This zoo!  This zoo!"  And Asher piped up from next to him, "Calm down, Boo Boo."  What a bossy boy!

The pictures on here are from our photo shoot 2 weeks ago- they are so great! I am totally biased, but I can't get over how adorable my kids are.  I can't stop looking at the pictures, I am really pleased with them.  When I get the digitals, I will post more on here.  The same photographer is going to do a newborn shoot with the baby when she gets here, too.

No belly picture this week- I haven't gotten myself dressed nicely, and plus I feel huge and unattractive.  Ugh.
From our photo shoot 2 weeks ago

How far along?  34w2d
Total weight gain/loss?  I did gain weight from my previous appointment.  I feel humongous.  My OB reassured me that my weight gain is not a problem, basically telling me to get over it.  He also told me how much I weighed with my boys, which I hadn't known, and I'm not going to say, but let's say... I lost over 50 lbs after they were born.  Wow!
Maternity clothes? Yes. And I outgrew a pair of my maternity pants.  
Pregnancy symptoms?  Not too many.  Heartburn while I'm at work- it's awful.  I worry about grimacing while people are looking at me, which is generally not the facial expression I like to make when I am trying to convey empathy and understanding.
Stretch marks? Pretty sure I have new ones on my lower stomach.  I seem to be carrying very low, and it is stretching me out.  With the boys, they moved up vertically but she seems to be hanging out at the bottom.
Sleep? Just not sleeping through the night.  All the anxiety of the test, house stuff, the endless to-do list means that once I'm awake my mind gets going and won't slow down.  
Best moment last week? Enjoying dinner out tonight with my family, and getting compliments on the boys' behavior from the people at the next table!
Movement?  Still regular and reassuring.  She seems to love sugar- I drink coffee every day and that has no effect on her movement, but if I eat some dessert she goes wild!
Food cravings? No real cravings.  I like lots of fruits and vegetables.  In the past few days, I've also gotten extra-hungry.  It is a difficult combination to have with my weight gain, because I feel guilty for eating (yes, this is a deeper issue).
Gender? I assume still a girl.  As far as I know, there won't be any more ultrasounds, so confirmation of gender will happen when she's born.  
Labor signs? Braxton Hicks.  I also think I lost part of my mucus plug last night, but when I called my OB in a panic (anxiety about the test directed toward other matters), he said there is no such thing.  Ok, well, not to be gross, but if it wasn't a mucus plug, what was it? I have never seen anything like that before.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Exercise. I know I am still active, but I find myself watching joggers with envy.  I am actually eager to get back to it!
What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving!!!!!  My favorite holiday.  Love all the family and all the food.  I can't wait to have family in town, and have my guys enjoy it all.  They already gobble every time I say Thanksgiving, which cracks me up.  
Milestones: I am at the point where I came off bed rest with the boys, and haven't had any restrictions or complications.  Next up, I have my Group B Strep test in a week and a half.  I told my mom I would love to have the baby on 12/12/12, when I will be 38w4d.  Then I realized- that's in a month!  Help!  Both Eric and I turned pale and panicked when we realized that "full term" (37w) is just over 2 weeks away.  We have been fooling ourselves that this might go on forever and we wouldn't have to deal with a newborn!  

Also, I did order a coming home outfit for her, and once it arrives, I will wash it and start packing my hospital bag.  Now that my exam is over, I am going to start sorting through baby clothes so I will know what more I need for those early days.  I can't believe how quickly time, and this pregnancy, have passed.

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