Saturday, November 24, 2012

cutest kids on the planet

Just a few pictures of the cutest boys I know- since I feel that they have not been showcased enough recently in lieu of my other nonsense and anxieties.

Going on a morning bike ride:

Mommy's "two guys" as they call themselves, barely respecting the boundary between the dining room and kitchen:

Baking sugar cookies with Meema:

Asher is really talking a lot more.  He can be very funny, but he is also developing some good manners- he says please, thank you, and excuse me ("scuse-a me!").  He is also a sensitive little guy- I guess that is mommy's empathy.  Tonight I started to cry while describing the book "Love You Forever" in an effort to describe why I can't read the book to the boys... and Asher was across the room, he rushed over to check on me and pushed a tissue at me to dry my eyes and gave me a hug.  What a sweet boy.

Benjamin is taking after, and very attached to, Grandpa Nick.  He is Grandpa Nick's helper whenever we are over there- with dishes, taking out the trash, checking on things and fixing them.  Tonight I saw Benjamin stop playing for a minute, get up, and just go over to get a big hug from Nick.  As Eric commented, "our boys are lucky to have so much family around to love them." A friend sent us a book about a boy getting a baby sister he doesn't want, and I have tried to read it to Benjamin, but all he wants to do is look at the pictures of the little boy in the book's toys.  I think he is going to be very confused when I come home with a new human and not a new truck.

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