Saturday, March 6, 2010

33w2d: Good news about my dad

Yesterday we found out, after many many months of waiting, that my dad will have a continued position at his work!  The company where he had worked since 1997 was purchased by another company about a year ago, and so we have been waiting since to find out whether he will be employed for the long-term.  This has dragged on FOREVER.  Over the summer he had to skip our trip to California, work through our trip to Cape Cod, and then he missed going to Asia with my mom because the thought they would make decisions the end of January.  Well, finally the decision has been made, and my dad has a job.  What a relief!  We celebrated last night with some champagne and cheesecake (Dad's favorite dessert, which Mom doesn't love and only makes as a treat for him).

I also had my non-stress test yesterday.  It was another quick visit, the babies did their thing and the monitor showed no contractions, and next thing you know, I was on my way home.  I didn't even see a doctor!  Back again on Thursday at 34 weeks, where I am hopeful about getting permission to resume "normal" activity.  I say "normal" because my movements and energy are so limited now.  It just means I can prepare all 3 of my meals in a day, go up and down the stairs, walk around the block as the weather warms up, and finish getting the nursery together (if our cribs and dresser ever arrive, don't even get me started on that).

The weather is finally starting to warm up here.  Today my mom stopped by and made me walk.  I didn't want to go up and down any hills, so we just walked up and down my street.  I did my street 4 times (2 times to the end of the block and back).  My legs feel fine and strong enough, but my belly feels so heavy.  I also made my own breakfast this morning, and plan to make a simple dessert for tonight-- our neighbors are coming over for dinner.  These little spurts of activity feel so good!  Of course, I then begin to panic that I'm about to go into labor.  I hope that next week when my restrictions are lifted that I will be able to do what I want to do and just enjoy it for what it is.

Last night I talked to my grandmother briefly on the phone.  I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving (I was 19 weeks at the time).  We were on the phone and I mentioned this blog and she went on the internet to see it while we were on the phone.  I knew she had found the blog when she began laughing hysterically... she had seen the picture of me from Thursday and thinks I'm huge!  She said my belly looks like a basketball.  Yes, everyone, I am huge.  But I should be!  I have two babies in there, and I'm 33 weeks.  The bigger the better, I want these boys nice and plump before their arrival. 

All is well here, and as each day goes by, I become more optimistic that they will continue to go well.  Last night as we went to bed, Eric had a moment of panic as he realized our 36-week goal is a mere 3 weeks away.  We take turns panicking over this, but the boys are on their way, like it or not.  Hard to believe that we will likely have our sons within the next month.  I am excited, and frightened, and thrilled.

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