Tuesday, March 16, 2010

34w5d: Do they really let people like me have kids?

Well, I am hoping it is just pregnancy hormones/ pregnancy brain, but over the past few days, I have been more than a little klutzy.  I am trying hard to be helpful and take care of myself so that Eric can work, and I hope he knows how much I have appreciated him doing everything for me.  Unfortunately, it often backfires.  On Saturday night, I went to fill the Brita pitcher and put the faucet in the pitcher.... and walked away.  I poured water all over the counter and the floor!  Eric was totally annoyed, but I said, "it's just water, no big deal!"

So yesterday I was independently making myself a lovely snack (some apple and cheese, some toast, some tea) and then carried it over to the chaise part of our couch where I spend a great deal of my time.  I put the tray down and promptly spilled the entire mug of tea all over my right knee and the chaise and the cushions...  I screamed, because I burnt myself, and Eric came running.  I pulled my pants off and was running around the downstairs with my pants around my ankles, trying to get some ice on to my knee, and Eric was tearing the cushions off the couch and trying to clean up in the hopes that it wouldn't stain.  I seriously hope that no one saw us!  What is more scary than a gigantic pregnant woman with no pants on?  Eric was not thrilled.  I think he would have been happier to have made me a cup of tea than to deal with that mess.

To make up for it, I decided to make dinner.  No real cooking; my mom had left us a bunch of frozen meatballs and Eric's mom had left us batches of spaghetti sauce, so I got those going and started roasting asparagus in the oven.  The asparagus was done (perfectly done, if I may say so myself), and I pulled the tray out of the oven and decided to carefully place it on the countertop in a place where it wouldn't burn the counter.  In making room for the tray, I casually flung a dishtowel on to the lit burner that was on for the spaghetti water.  I didn't even notice until I smelled something burning...  Fortunately there are all of 12 inches between the stove and the sink so I threw the towel into the sink and doused it with water before things got out of hand.  But I'm not so sure I am safe around things like fire anymore!

Then I think, if I can't handle these simple tasks, what am I going to do with two babies who will require me to do things I've never done before?  Let's just hope I don't put them on top of a lit burner for safe-keeping.

We are definitely starting to nest.  Everyday we clean and organize a little more.  We've washed all of the babies clothes and linens and are now just waiting for cribs and the dresser to finish the nursery.  We're putting things away all over the house because our cleaning man comes tomorrow and we think it might be our last cleaning before we bring the babies home.  I have taken all of my pregnancy books off the shelves to give to someone else.  Today I put things in a bag to take to the hospital, because Eric is not 100% convinced that I'll be coming home from my doctor's appointment on Friday, so he wants the bag ready before we leave for the appointment.

Physically, I feel both good and bad in one day.  I usually wake up feeling pretty energetic, and by the evening I feel very tired and my uterus feels very sore.  Today I felt great in the morning, I got up and had breakfast, and my mom and I made plans for lunch.  We went to lunch, did some organizing, walked outside a little, and then I felt exhausted and like I was contracting.  My sleep at night is not great; other than last night I have had contractions late at night that keep me up, on top of waking up several times a night to pee.  The cats seem extra-clingy (see today's photo!) and usually pin me in place in bed, which makes my hips sore.  Sometimes I wonder how people make it to 38 weeks...  And sometimes I panic that these babies will be here way too soon.

We received our census form in the mail, and Eric wanted me to fill it out so we could send it back.  But the first question is, "How many people were living or staying in this house on April 1, 2010?" and we realized that we won't know the answer to that question until April 2, 2010.  So the form will have to wait.  But we keep having these moments where we realize how soon our lives will be changed forever.


  1. I was wondering how you two would handle the census form.

    You've been away from normal life for 3 months, remember your sister's culture shock each time she returns after months in South Africa or Madagascar. Make allowances for adjustment after your months of bed rest, take a step at a time until things are familiar.

  2. Did you know that pregnancy hormones actually cause all of your joints to loosen up and get more elastic? That is one of the causes of all the klutzy-ness!

  3. See, this is the part of pregnancy that you never see on those getting-ready-for-baby shows you like. You're right that it's hormones and pregnancy brain, combined with looser ligaments and a body that's just a bit different every day so that you can't always account for the space you need. Just think, in a few months, you'll be juggling babies, snacks and gear like a pro!