Thursday, March 11, 2010

34 weeks and the end of bedrest

Well, here we are, the 34 week goal that my OB had discussed as the end of bedrest.  I think I am still in shock that I actually made it.  I can't believe that now I can sit up at an angle greater than 30 degrees if I want, or run some errands, or really, whatever I have energy for.  Given my feelings of panic and anxiety 12 weeks ago, and how much my cervix had shortened in so little time, I am in awe that the last 12 mm I had have managed to hold out all these weeks.  Well, thank you itty bitty cervix, I am so grateful that you gave my sons this extra time to grow and mature!

The boys seem to be growing and active.  I did gain some more weight (we are no longer discussing numbers), and seriously, look at today's picture, it HAS to be in my belly.  Do you see my ankles? Normal!  Face? Normal!  I am at the stage where people in public places are quite solicitous of me and I think they are all worried I am about to go into labor in the middle of their restaurant/shop/grocery store.  On my non-stress test today they were so active, I could have sworn they were in a big fight.  A couple of times they bumped the monitors off! 

I got a call in the evening from my OB.  He said that next week he wants to see me to do an internal.  He said, "you must be curious about that cervix!" and I said, "Nope!  Nothing has come out of it, so I'm perfectly happy with its performance at this point."  I am not looking forward to the internal, but I guess it is time.  I'll also have my Group B Strep test.  It is just unbelievable that I can now turn my mind from constant worry and precaution to planning for the birth and homecoming of my babies.

We still don't have any cribs... I am going to call tomorrow to see what the status is.  We ordered the cribs 14 weeks ago and were told 12-14 weeks for delivery.  I am anxious, given that no one has called me to schedule delivery.  My friend had a lot of trouble with the furniture store and I was sincerely hoping that we wouldn't, but if they still don't know when the cribs will be delivered, we will have a BIG problem.  I am getting ready to nest, and the empty room that is supposed to be a home for my boys does not make me feel very ready.

Tonight Eric and I had a lovely date in town to celebrate.  I chose a restaurant we had not been to before (I can now recommend it, the restaurant is Meritage, at 20th and Lombard in Philadelphia), and we had a very nice dinner.  It is fun to be out and feel normal for a little.  I get a little uncomfortable sitting in a chair for a long time, but I suffered through.  I had scallops to start, duck breast as an entree, and we shared a chocolate-espresso pot de creme for dessert.  I don't think we'll have any more big dates, though, because they sure do add up, and we still need some baby things.  But it was great to go out in the city again and celebrate this week's achievement.


  1. Congrats on reaching 34 weeks!!! I'm right behind you but they are inducing me at 34 (ironically though my short cervix has held strong through all this lol). I hope your cribs come soon!

  2. Hi Becca,
    You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on the 34week mark.


  3. Congrats on being released on good behavior - Make sure you still take it a little easy - no trying to make up for lost time! Good to know that whenever the boys make their debut at this point it'll probably be just fine. Keep us posted! Love you guys tons!