Friday, March 26, 2010

36w1d: I think these babies are on their way...

It is 5:11 am.  Around 4 I woke up with a gasp (was I having a contraction?) and felt crampy and the urge to go to the bathroom.  I was unable to go (no pushing or straining!) but when I wiped and then looked into the bowl, I saw blood.  I began to panic!  I ran into our bedroom with my pajamas around my ankles and switched on the light and said, "I'm bleeding!"  I called my OB's message service and began running around the room, getting dressed and just generally waving my arms and being unproductive.  I told Eric to get dressed, but being his usual self he said, "I am going to wait til the doctor calls."

The doctor called and said that the blood was just "bloody show."  It's not really mucousy, but it's not enough to signal any kind of membrane rupture or serious problem.  He told me to wait til the contractions get to be 5-7 minutes apart and then call again to go in to Labor & Delivery, but that I did not need to come in that second.  Hmph, Eric was right again.

My contractions have started and really picked up the pace.  If they keep coming as fast as they are right now, I am going to have to call my OB back in half an hour!  These contractions are extremely painful and feel totally different from the Braxton-Hicks I had been having.  When they come on, all I can do is breathe and squirm.  And they are accompanied by the feeling like I really, really need to have a bowel movement (and I have been to the toilet with no luck in that area).

I can already tell this labor and delivery is not going to resemble my fantasy.  My fantasy: labor at home, breathing deeply, walking around, laughing and talking between contractions.  The reality: I am not having relief between contractions and don't want to move.  I want to go to the hospital NOW and find out what the hell is happening in there. 

My fantasy: Totally drug-free.  The reality: If I am in this much pain now, who am I kidding?  Epidural for sure.

My fantasy: a full night's sleep, I brush my hair prior to going to the hospital.  The reality: I am not sure I can stand up long enough to brush my hair.

But as long as my boys get here healthy, I am ok with an unflattering reality.  Check back for updates later!


  1. Good Luck! We will be thinking about you! Can't wait to meet the boys!

  2. So excited! You'll do wonderfully! Can't wait for more updates!

  3. Hi, Becca. This sounds like you are really close (maybe you are at the hospital already?). But the urge to eliminate was definitely the sign of oncoming labor for me. The body is clearing any material from the digestive tract that will distract from the important activity that is about to happen. My advice would be to avoid food; drink as necessary. Try to deep breathe as instructed in LaMaze. That does help, or at least distracts from the pain! Best of luck, and we will see you soon!! Love, Lisa