Wednesday, February 3, 2010

28w5d: A Sad Day

Today is sad because my aunt Sharon left to go home to California.  I will miss her so much!  She took such good care of me, constantly keeping me fed and watered without a word of complaint.  On top of that, she cooked more than a month's worth of meals to have in the freezer and would sit with me for hours on end just talking.  I really enjoyed her company.  She had a lot of helpful advice about living with babies and then kids.  One thing she said, which I agree with, is that Eric and I need to make sure we continue to take time to have a relationship of our own, and not just put our marriage and ourselves way behind the babies.  Not that the babies won't be the center of our lives, but that we can't lose sight of other things.  Sharon had a lot of other advice, which I won't list here, but will come up eventually, I'm sure.  The picture is of Sharon sitting in my visitor's chair in my bedroom, where she sat and had breakfast with me and watched things like "What Not To Wear" with me.  We will all miss her!

Jane and Ed brought me dinner tonight.  It was a chicken stir-fry over brown rice.  I am eating such healthy food these days!  Interestingly, eating all of this stuff has led me to stop craving a lot of the less-healthy foods and I'm no longer having cravings for the junk I see on TV.  The only "bad" food I still want is macaroni and cheese, although Eric can certainly make this for me at home at some point.

There does seem to be one down side to all this healthy eating...  I seem to be a bit gassier than usual.  This is a problem since I am stuck in one room, and often people come into the room to do things like eat their dinner.  Last night Eric told me no passing gas during dinner... which I managed, but after dinner, poor Eric!  He threatened to make me go sleep in the guest room, but that would have meant his re-making the bed in there and he didn't follow through.  I feel awful, because it makes me physically uncomfortable, and of course it makes Eric uncomfortable, too!  I don't know if there is something I can take, or eat or drink, but if anyone has any solutions to this please let me know.  I told Eric now I know why people get married before they get pregnant.  If Eric weren't contractually obligated to me, you can bet the gas would be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  Pregnancy is not very glamorous. 

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