Monday, February 1, 2010


Today's gratuitous pet picture is of Peanut.  Peanut has a lot in the way of looks, but not as much in the way of brains.  When we went to buy a cat, Peanut and Trouble were in the same box together.  I wanted Peanut because he was cute, and Eric wanted Trouble because he was sweet.  It turns out they are both cute and sweet, but Peanut just lacks a little bit of brains.  For example, he is very scared of other people, and will hide under the bed if the doorbell rings.  Every time.  Many people never get to see him in person, so enjoy the picture.

There is no real news to report.  Every day that goes by with no news or change feels great!  I am still pretty comfortable, although I noticed when I looked in the mirror today that my belly seems to be growing.  Fast (for confirmation of this, my aunt just told me "Oh your belly has really popped since I've been here!).  I am kind of starting to feel like a lumpy pregnant lady, but as I have said, as long as those babies are safe and growing, my figure doesn't matter.  I can always do Weight Watchers once this is all over, if necessary.   At this point, I just can't wait to go for a jog, it used to feel like a chore sometimes and now I would give anything to get to use my legs and feel strong and healthy again.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day.  Eric got home on Saturday night and it was just wonderful to have him home with me!  On Sunday afternoon he got in bed to take a nap, and Max (the gray kitten) crawled under the covers to snuggle up to him, and the two of them went to sleep.  It was so sweet!  My dad went to the new Whole Foods they opened near us, and took my aunt with him, so we were alone in the house.  We spent the afternoon in bed, Eric worked on his laptop and I read my chick lit novel.  Not what we used to do when we spent the weekend in bed!  It was just nice to be with him, it was the most time we'd spent together, awake, in months and months since he has been so busy.  I hope we do it again this coming weekend, now that his work has hopefully slowed down.

Sharon made us a delicious dinner of salmon with yogurt-cucumber sauce, roasted potatoes and asparagus, and pineapple.  My dad says he has been losing weight this past week due to the healthy foods Sharon makes.  My mom is also a pretty healthy cook, so I'm not sure why this is a change for him, but good!

I have been having off-and-on moments of feeling kind of sorry for myself.  I am really sad to hear about other people having their showers and getting organized for their babies.  I hopefully have weeks left in this pregnancy (8, I am hoping for!) and time to get things together, but I want to be celebrating these babies and their upcoming arrival.  I am much less fearful than I was a week or so ago, since everything seems to be going smoothly and we are getting out of the real danger zone and up to the point where if the babies were born, they would be tiny and need NICU time but would have a high likelihood of surviving without long-term difficulties.  I just feel like I have missed out on a lot of the excitement and joy of pregnancy because of the risks and complications, and my anxiety and worry.

I also miss mundane activities of everyday life, like grocery shopping and even cleaning.  Cleaning!  Who would have ever thought that would be on my list of enjoyable activities?  I would also really love to go to Costco and buy food.  Why Costco?  I don't know, but I think it is for the free samples.

One highlight today was that Eric introduced Sharon to "texts from last night" and showed her the ad for the "Shake Weight."  I'm not sure if she was breathing, she was laughing so hard!

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