Wednesday, February 24, 2010

31w6d: Is it spring yet?

So, they are predicting more snow for tomorrow!  Of course I am partly relieved to have been able to spend this crazy, snowy winter inside, but I have missed out on some pretty good sledding, and I know it.  Our doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning, first thing, so I think we will be able to go and come back without too much trouble.  I am getting so excited about seeing our boys again, and I know tonight will be another sleepless night.  Then I guess I will come home and spend the snow day napping!  Maybe I will also treat myself and the boys to a nice mug of hot chocolate.  That said, I am getting very eager for spring to arrive.  I am fantasizing about flowers popping up, trees budding, the grass turning green, the sun shining, and warm breezes.  Part of this fantasy also involves me pushing my twin sons in their Double Snap n Go stroller, and everyone we pass stopping us to tell me how adorable they are.  Yes, I am conceited enough to think that everyone else will think my kids are cute.  And if you don't think so, please keep it to yourself!

I am really hoping for only good news at my appointment tomorrow.  I feel very good, in general, so I hope that is a positive sign.  I have irregular Braxton-Hicks, and at times my uterus feels irritable.  When I move suddenly, or roll over in bed, or the babies have been very active for a long period of time, my belly tightens up.  It is different from when I have contractions, because it doesn't have the required "beginning, middle, and end" that my OB looks for in order to label it a contraction.  It doesn't worry me in terms of thinking I might be starting labor, but I am hoping it is just normal.  Some days it seems like my uterus is just tired of its rapid expansion and the constant beating it's taking from the babies.

Eric and I have been doing a fair number of things to get ready for the babies.  Today he went to Costco and picked up a Flip HD camcorder so we could take video of the babies once they are here.  I am sure that I am going to be one of those crazy parents who thinks every spit-up and coo is the most adorable thing in the world.  I promise not to post that stuff here, though.  He also got a case of baby wipes.  He then said, "How many wipes will we need anyway? Not that many, right?"  Hahahahaha!  I just looked at him.  He is in for a very rude awakening!

I called a pediatrician that my OB recommended.  The receptionist was very nice.  She said I could have a phone interview with the pediatrician, but I declined.  The practice is nearby, is associated with the hospital where the babies will be born, and my OB recommended it.  I am not planning on doing any alternative vaccination schedules, and at this point don't have any real concerns.  If I find the doctor or practice unresponsive once the babies are here, I will consider switching, but my OB said the doctor has a great reputation.  Plus it is a woman, and I like having female doctors.  They said to just give them a call once the boys arrive and they'll visit us at the hospital.  That was easy!

I also got in touch with the mohel about the boys' bris.  I have been so lucky in my choice of partner with Eric.  Despite his not being Jewish, and his general apathy toward organized religion, he has been completely supportive of all the Jewish things we do.  We had a lovely Jewish wedding ceremony, and signed a ketubah.  He hung a mezuzzah on our door while I said the prayer.  And now he has no problem with the fact that our sons will be publicly circumcised.  The mohel was very nice on the phone, and I am looking forward to the bris going smoothly.  I am excited to include all my grandparents in the ceremony, and thrilled that my sons are coming into this world with so much family and love and tradition.  I am sad my in-laws will most likely not be there, though.  It would be their first (and probably only) bris, and a big moment in the babies' lives.

Today's picture is of Eric and me at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris, where we got to see beautiful paintings of Monet's waterlilies.  I chose this picture because it was about one year ago that we left for our trip.  I sure do wish we were leaving for the Caribbean this weekend!  But I am excited for my shower, I can't wait to see friends and family and celebrate.  Tomorrow will be news about the doctor...

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