Sunday, February 14, 2010

30w3d: An in-law surprise

Yes, I know that today is also Valentine's Day.  Eric made me a lovely breakfast.  He brings me breakfast in bed every morning, but this morning he brought me baked eggs with cream and maple bacon.  But the best part was that he ate with me.  Usually he brings me breakfast upstairs, and he goes down to his office and works while he eats.  So we had a nice breakfast, and talked, and exchanged cards.  Then he got up and got a move on because there was a lot to be done before his parents arrived, and they were making good time coming down from Maine.

Around 1:30 I got up to shower, and started feeling kind of crampy.  So after the shower, rather than going downstairs to make my lunch, I got back into bed.  I tried to keep track of my contractions but I wasn't writing them down (note to self and others: write down when they occur, don't just think to yourself, "that was not a lot of time.").  My in-laws arrived around 2:30, and I heard a lot of commotion downstairs.  I heard things like, "Hon, could you get the other cooler?"  (Other cooler?  More than one?)  My in-laws came from Maine with: baked beans my grandma-in-law made me because I usually eat them at Christmas but we weren't there, a blueberry pie, carrot cake, brownies, peanut butter blossoms, two kinds of fudge, a ham, spaghetti sauce, hot dogs, dinner rolls, and I actually don't know what else but figure I will discover more as we go along. 

I began to worry that something was wrong, so I decided to call my OB.  The contractions were frequent, but not painful or particularly strong.  Still, I didn't know if I should worry.  Or, make that worry more than I already was.  I want you to know I have only called my OB with concerns twice before today, so I am not alarmist.  Immediately after I called, my contractions stopped.  So when he returned my call, it felt less urgent.  He told me I need to have a lot more contractions, that are stronger, for more than 1 hour, before I worry. 

So I came downstairs, and what do I see?
My mother-in-law had arranged for all of our Maine friends and family to bring baby gifts to her house, and she brought them all to me.  We were going to have a baby shower!
I was so surprised, and so excited.  I have been complaining my babies have no clothes.  Well, no more complaints about that!  Here are some pictures of us opening our gifts:

This was Eric feeling the babies wiggle.  Apparently they like being showered with gifts, too!
And here are some preemie pajamas that look huge compared to the size of my belly:

Here is Eric "looking lovingly" at me (his excuse for not smiling at the camera) after we had opened our gifts:
And here is the rest of the stuff.  

What you can't see are all the blankets and towels, washclothes, and some of the adorable outfits we received.  The stuff is adorable and I can't wait to be dressing our cute little boys in all of it.  I am so appreciative of everyone's generosity.

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