Thursday, February 11, 2010

30 Weeks! and I am a bedrest rebel

So, today I am 30 weeks!  When my OB set that as our initial goal 3 weeks ago, I felt like getting here would alleviate my fears.  But, of course, now all I can think is, I want go to 36 weeks!  And, I definitely want to still be pregnant at my shower in 2 weeks.  My friend Cass is coming down from Boston for the shower, and she is also a photographer, so while she is here she's going to take some maternity pictures of me.  This has never been a huge priority for me, and now that I'm on bedrest and feel especially unattractive, it's hard to imagine pictures of me all aglow with pregnancy, but I am hoping with the help of makeup and a haircut we can get some nice pictures.

Yesterday we had more snow.  The news told me that this is the snowiest winter on record for Philadelphia!  When the boys come, I will write that in their baby books.  I decided to be a little rebellious, and went on an unauthorized trip downstairs and out on to our back deck.  The snow was so beautiful.  I could have stayed outside forever, but after throwing a snowball (at the back of the house, not Eric) and eating a little snow (only the white stuff, nothing yellow!) I went back in and back into bed. 

Here is a picture out our dining room window:
We have owned our house for almost 4 years now, and in the entire time we have lived here, we've never had snow like this.  I still can't get over that it's all happening while I'm stuck on bedrest!  My timing is the pits.
Yesterday I had a visit from my mom, aunt Jane, and uncle Ed.  Jane and Ed were very brave and drove over here in the morning before they got housebound.  Mom walked over.  In the late afternoon, my neighbor Amy came over and we chatted for a long time.  She also brought me some homemade chicken soup, which I had for lunch today (it was delicious).

Tomorrow is my cervix check, so I will post again with the update.  I am going to leave you with a picture of me from the last time Eric and I got snowed in together.  It was January of 2005 and we were up in Cambridge.  It was so much fun, we took snow walks, and went to the playground around the corner from his house.  We went on the swings and then just let go of the chains and went flying into the air, landing in the snow.  We baked chocolate chip cookies, and watched movies in bed.  I think it remains my most favorite snowed-in time ever.  Love you, honey!


  1. Wow your belly has really popped since I saw you! Congrats on making it to 30 weeks. Glad you got to got to go in the snow... even for a few minutes.

  2. The last picture is one of my favorites, too. You were so happy to be stranded with Eric it was clear the relationship was strong & getting stronger.